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A Uintah Co. Male slammed his girlfriend’s head into a door, tries to hide from the police


Maeser, Ut.- On 9/4/23, Deputies responded to a residence in W Hillside Dr on a report of a domestic violence incident.

The victim had called and reported that her boyfriend slammed her head into a door, choked her, and she headbutted him in return. She stated that he had been drinking and was under the influence of marijuana as well.

When Deputy Ouderkirk arrived on scene, he heard other Deputies and Officers calling out that the male was running away from the house. The police ran in the direction of the male and climbed the side of the hill toward where the male subject had left on foot. The male subject was found behind a bush and followed commands afterward.

The female victim stated that the male offender had been drinking since 8 p.m. and consumed an entire bottle of whiskey. The victim said that 36-year-old Steven Alan Kunzler had been shoving her around and yelling at her all night.

The victim said that she was in the bedroom by the closet while Steven was screaming in her face. Then he slammed his forearm into her neck and pushed her into the door frame. Her head hit the door frame really hard. After that, her vision became blurry for a few seconds, and then she headbutted him.

After she headbutted Steven, he grabbed her by the throat with one hand, slammed her head against the wall, and held his hand on her throat for about 5 seconds. The victim stated that was when Steven walked away and continued to yell at her. While the victim was dialing 911, Steven yelled at her, saying, "Not to call the cops."

Deputy Ouderkirk placed Steven in the prisoner transport cage of his patrol vehicle, and the Deputy could smell an incredibly strong odor of alcohol coming from Steven's person, consistent with the victim's report that he was intoxicated.

While taking Steven to the hospital for medical clearance, he became resistant. He refused to walk further into the hospital due to Deputy Ouderkirk's holding his arm while escorting him into the hospital. Deputy Ouderkirk attempted to give the offender several chances to continue to walk forward, and at that point, he had dug his heels into the floor and stopped walking entirely.

Deputy Ouderkirk scooped his arm under Steven's and placed his other hand on the rear of his neck/shoulder area. This was to put Steven in a position of compliance where he would naturally be forward.

Lt. Joe Kenda talks about domestic violence:


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