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A Traffic Stop Turns Into A Foot Pursuit, Female Found The Next Morning

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 11th, 2022 | Drugs & Escape |

By Travis Uresk


Ballard, Ut.- On 11/29/2022, Officer Fairey conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a traffic violation. The location of the stop was approximately 3700 East Main Street in Ballard City.

During his investigation of the traffic stop, he learned that the driver did not possess a valid license.

A female passenger of the vehicle was asked if she possessed a valid driver's license and stated that her license was also invalid. The female passenger was asked for her identity and provided a name and date of birth as Priscilla Murray, dob 6/21/1981.

Dispatch was asked to check the information that the female had provided and was unable to locate any information for the female.

Although the female had indicated that she possessed an invalid Utah driver's license, a license record could not be located for her.

Further investigation into the female was conducted. In a local database, Officer Fairey could locate a record for 41-year-old Kristella Ann Pike.

Upon viewing Kristella's driver's license photo and previous booking photos, Officer Fairey determined the female passenger's identity to be Kristella Pike.

Kristella's personal information also listed three active arrest warrants out of local district court jurisdictions. Two of the warrants were for no bail and listed felony and misdemeanor offenses.

Kristella was informed of the warrants and was to be detained in handcuffs. While preparing to place Kristella into my patrol vehicle, she suddenly turned and ran from the Officer.

During a foot pursuit, Kristella was able to obtain a lead that Officer Fairey could not overcome on foot. He lost sight of Kristella and could not track her in the uneven terrain.

On the morning of 11/30/2022, employees at a Ballard trucking company contacted dispatch after they saw a female subject wandering around their equipment.

Deputies responded to the location and identified the subject as Kristella Pike.

Kristella was taken into custody on the outstanding warrants and found to be in possession of controlled substances.

Officer Fairey responded to the jail and completed booking Kristella Pike into jail.

On Wednesday, 11/30/2022, Deputy Angus was dispatched to 4263 East Hwy 40, Ballard, Uintah County, on a possible wanted subject. On the way to the location, he was informed that a female wearing a gray coat had run from officers last night in this area.

When Deputy Angus arrived at the business address, he was met by an employee who led me to a female inside their shop.

Deputy Angus was informed that the female was found inside one of the semi trucks that were on the property.

When he saw the female, she was wearing a gray coat and looked like she had been outside all night. Deputy Angus asked the female what her name was. The female stated that her name was Kristie Murray, with a date of birth of 10/17/1976.

When Deputy Angus ran that information through dispatch, he was informed there was no record of that person.

He asked her again, and she stated her name was Kristella Pike, date of birth 06/21/1981. When the vehicle she was found in was checked upon the vehicle owner's request, a clear baggy with a black substance was located inside on the floor.

Deputy Angus read Kristella her Miranda rights, and she agreed to speak with him. Kristella admitted that it was heroin and it was hers.

Kristella was arrested and booked into the Uintah County Jail for; Possession of controlled substance/ heroin for her admitting to the substance as heroin and it being hers. Possession of drug paraphernalia for the baggy the heroin was in—false personal information to police for her giving Deputy Angus a wrong name and date of birth. Kristella was also booked for several warrants.


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