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A Third Man Arrested In Fruitland Theft

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 18th, 2023 | Theft & Criminal Trespass |

By Travis Uresk


Fruitland, Utah.- On 3/6/23, Deputy Cox took a report of a theft on Bandana Drive in Fruitland. The reporting party was a family member of the property and stated that the owner had since passed away. She reported that men had been on the property stealing items and trailers.

Upon arrival at the property, Deputy Cox located a male in a camper that was not supposed to be there and received information from him that two other males, Jeffery Giles, and Cole Warner, came out to the property and removed a trailer. The trailer was taken to Jeffery's property. The male stated that Cole used his plow to clear the driveway and used his vehicle to take the trailer from the property. Detectives seized the trailer and conducted a search of Jeffery's property. Jeffery was previously arrested in reference to this case.

On 3/11/23, Deputy Cox was patrolling the area of 46000 West Coleman Drive in Fruitland when he observed 58-year-old Cole C. Warner turn into a driveway. The Deputy ran the registration on the vehicle and returned with no insurance.

A traffic stop was initiated, and Deputy Cox read Cole his Miranda Rights. Warner stated he was aware of the charges on Jeffery and recently had bailed him out of jail.

Cole said, "I'm probably in trouble too, then?"

Cole stated Jeffery hired him to clear the snow from the roadway but hasn't been paid for it. He also told the Deputy he didn't take anything from the property.

Deputy Cox told Cole he had information that he used his truck to take a trailer and drop it off at Jeff's house. Cole said he did pick up a trailer and take it to Jeff's, but he or the others didn't go into the other sheds. They only took the trailer.

Deputy Cox told Cole to exit the truck, and he asked if he was under arrest. Cox said yes, you are.

Deputy Cox told Cole, "I find it odd this is the second deceased person's property where I have found you have been a part of stealing property."

Cole was placed into handcuffs and a belly chain, then transported and booked into the Duchesne County Jail for theft and criminal trespass, where he had no right to be.

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