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A Man Out On Parole With A Long Criminal History Gets Arrested In Fruitland

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 12th, 2023 | Drugs | **UPDATE** 12:00 am |

By Travis Uresk


Fruitland, Ut.- On 3/6/23, a Deputy with the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to an address in the Bandana Drive area on a report of a theft.

The complainant said her brother recently passed away, and some people were stealing items from his property. When the Deputy arrived, the driveway appeared not to have been plowed of snow in a while. There were no tire tracks and no footprints in the snow either.

The Deputy walked into the property to see if he could see any signs of theft. When he got to the camp trailer and opened the outer door, the Deputy knocked and announced himself as the Sheriff's Office. Not expecting a reply, a male answered, saying he was in there.

The male was identified as 52-year-old Troy Lee Parmar. The Deputy asked Troy why he was on a deceased person's property. Troy stated that another male gave him and another man permission to stay on the property and clear the property of its items.

Troy told the Deputy he was on parole.

The Deputy spoke with Troy's Agent, who advised him to conduct a search of Troy and his property. Troy said he had meth in his jeans that were on the floor, and he handed the Deputy a black and clear baggy with a crystal rock substance.

Troy pointed to a railing across the ceiling where he had the glass pipes he used to smoke the meth. The pipes had a white crystal substance consistent with methamphetamine.

Troy was arrested and transported to the hospital for medical clearance due to a swollen hand.

Troy has had two prior drug convictions within the last ten years; one is a felony. His current drug offense is also a felony charge.

Fruitland, Ut.- On 3/6/23, Law enforcement responded to a theft detail, and it was reported that the owner of the property had passed away on 2/22/23.

The complainant reported that 63-year-old Jeffery Seymour Giles had been stealing several items, including tools and a grey enclosed trailer that contained more tools from the property.

Detectives arrived at Jeff's residence and noticed the enclosed trailer on his property. Jeff told the Detectives that the trailer belonged to another person, and he got the trailer from the deceased man's property a few days ago with the help of other parties. Jeff claimed he had permission from another individual to get the trailer.

Jeff claimed this person was a friend of the deceased man and didn't appear to have a claim to any of his property.

On 3/6/23, Detectives took the trailer to the Sheriff's Office, and opened the trailer. They saw several power tools, tool boxes, and hand tools. It appeared the trailer had been gone through and possibly was missing some items. The Detectives estimated the trailer and the existing tools to be worth more than 1500 dollars.

That same day the Detectives spoke to the property owner's friend, and he stated Jeff lied about him permitting Jeff to take the property from his friend's residence.

Jeff was booked into the Duchesne County Jail for theft and criminal trespass.

Jeff has quite the criminal record also.

Troy Lee Parmar

Jeffery Seymour Giles


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