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A Roosevelt man hits a woman in the head with a rock, then offers her "bribe" money

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 5th, 2023 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 3/23/22, a female victim contacted the RPD stating that 34-year-old Eric Lee Neilson had hit her in the head with a rock during an argument. The victim claimed during the argument she told Eric to take his belongings and leave.

The victim told the Officer that Eric threw a bottle of orange juice at her but missed. She screamed at him to leave and hit the top of the table, knocking over a planter used for decoration. The planter held small rocks about the size of a person's palm.

Eric grabbed a rock and threw one of the rocks striking the victim in the head. The victim provided a photograph to the Officer of the injury. The Officer also took pictures of dried blood on the victim's shoes and added them to the case file.

The victim then related to the Officer as she was bleeding. Eric said he wouldn't let her go to the hospital or call the police even though she needed help. Eric pulled her so hard from the doorway that it injured her shoulders.

Eric then offered the victim bribe money and told the victim to inform others that she had cut her head helping him move a snowmobile. The victim refused the money stating she didn't want any money or property from Eric.

By Eric's actions of deception on the night of the assault, there has now been a delay and prevention of law enforcement being able to conduct an investigation and apprehend Eric because the incident took place on 3/20/22, three days prior.

Eric then convinced the victim to call her friend to come to the house, and she saw the wound and asked what had happened. The friend was able to help the victim glue and bandage the cut on her head.

On this day of 3/23/22, the Officer has probable cause to believe that Eric Neilson is in violation of obstruction of justice, damage to or interruption of a communication device, an assault with an enhancement of domestic violence.

The victim told the Officer that Eric had fled to the Salt Lake area.


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