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A Probationer Was Found With Marijuana And Methamphetamine Near Myton


Duchesne Co Ut.- On 2/12/24, a black Nissan pickup traveling eastbound near 5500 West 6250 South didn't have any visible plates that Deputy Cox could see. He pulled in behind the Nissan, still unable to see a rear registration plate. The deputy activated his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop.

When approaching the truck, Deputy Cox saw the license plate in the back window that was obstructed by a tarp and other items in the truck's bed. The driver was identified as 23-year-old Brayden Frank Street, who has no valid driver's license and is known to law enforcement.

Brayden is also currently on probation with AP&P, and when Deputy Cox spoke with his agent, he stated he had been receiving information about Brayden using and selling drugs.

Brayden was asked if Deputy Cox spoke with his agent, and he asked the deputy to do a compliance check. Would Brayden have anything illegal on him? Brayden paused and said, "I have some marijuana and dope."

Brayden was told to retrieve it, and he pulled a white bag from his jacket and handed it to the deputy. When opening the bag, there was a clear baggie with marijuana and a tall clear tube container with methamphetamine.

Brayden was asked to exit the vehicle and if he had anything else. He stated there was nothing. Brayden was informed he was being arrested for the possession of a controlled substance.

Brayden was transported to the Duchesne County Jail. Brayden's agent requested he be held on a 72-hour hold.


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