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A man was arrested and charged with DUI and having drugs & a domestic violence call at Glenbrook DR.


On 2/7/24, at 10:00 pm, Naples Police Officer Beatty was patrolling on 1500 E near 2000 S when two vehicles traveling South near 1700 S and 1500 E, when one of the vehicles began to create a significant distance between the other vehicle.

Officer Beatty activated his forward-facing radar, which indicated that the vehicle was traveling at 70 mph in a 45 mph zone.

A traffic stop was conducted on the brown pickup truck at 1400 E and 2000 S. When the truck came to a stop, the driver's door opened, and a male exited and began yelling he was drunk and should go to jail.

The officer asked the driver for his ID, and he was identified from his Utah driver's license as 41-year-old Derik Ross Myklebost.

Due to Derik's confrontational behavior, he was checked for weapons before the traffic stop continued, and no weapons were found.

During the pat down, Derik made several comments about consuming alcohol and that he was over the legal limit. He then tried to reach into the truck's passenger compartment while the officer was instructing him to remain near the rear tire. Derik stated that he was only attempting to get the marijuana that was inside his truck to give to him.

At this time, Derik was asked if he was willing to perform the Standard Field Sobriety Test, and he made several comments about taking him to jail instead of doing the tests. The purpose of the SFST was explained to Derik, and he then agreed.

“I then began the SFST starting with the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN). I asked Myklebost if he had any underlying medical conditions that would affect this test, to which he stated that he did not. He also stated that he did not wear contact lenses or glasses, and I observed no resting nystagmus, equal pupil size, and tracking in both eyes. I then performed the HGN test with the following results."

HGN: 6/6 clues observed

Lack of smooth pursuit in both the right and left eyes

Distinct and sustained nystagmus at maximum deviation in both the left and right eyes. The onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in both the left and right eyes.

"During the HGN test, Myklebost stated that he was an alcoholic and knew that he shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle. After completing the HGN test, we then moved on to the 9-step walk and turn. I asked Myklebost if he had any medical conditions that would prevent him from completing the test, and he stated that he did not. I then asked Myklebost if he would prefer to take his shoes off for this test, to which he informed me that he would leave them on."

"This test was administered on an asphalt roadway that was slightly wet from previous rains but did not affect walking. I completed the instruction phase of the test, and then Myklebost performed the 9-step walk and turn with the following results."

9-Step Walk and Turn:

4/8 clues observed

Myklebost could not maintain his balance during the instruction phase, falling out of the position at least once.

Myklebost stopped walking during the test.

Myklebost performed an improper turn.

Myklebost took more steps than instructed due to performing an improper turn.

"After completing the 9 Step, we then continued on to the one-leg stand. After giving Myklebost the instructions for the test and demonstrating it, Myklebost performed the one-leg stand with the following results."

One leg Stand:

0/4 clues observed

“It should be noted that I observed Myklebost did not follow the instructions for the test nor how the test was demonstrated. Myklebost did not hold his leg straight and parallel to the ground, oftentimes tipping his toes up and bending his leg to maintain his balance.”

"After completing the tests, I determined that Myklebost was too impaired to be operating a motor vehicle and placed him into handcuffs behind his back using double cuffs for comfort and checking for tightness and proper fit before double locking them for safety. Myklebost was then placed into my patrol vehicle after a search of his person incident to arrest."

While searching the truck due to the odor of marijuana, a small clear bag was found inside the middle console within arms reach of the driver. Inside the clear bag were psilocybin mushrooms. A pipe with burnt residue was located in a cup holder with a plant-like material consistent with marijuana.

Derik was transported to the Uintah County Jail to complete the DUI citation and interview, and he agreed to a breath test. At 11:18 pm, Derik submitted a breath test and received a result of a .132 BrAC.

Dispatch ran a criminal background check on Derik, and it returned a previous felony 3 DUI conviction that occurred in 2015, enhancing this DUI.

Vernal PD responds to a domestic violence call in Glenbrook, DR.


On 1/30/24, Officer Nielsen responded to an assault at 415 West Glenbrook Dr. Vernal, Ut. It was reported that the suspect had left the scene already.

When Officer Nielsen arrived, he met with the victim, who was sitting on the couch holding a tissue against her mouth and nose that was bleeding. She stated her daughter's biological father, 36-year-old James Christian Guffey, headbutted her.

The victim said James took her phone and was looking through it. He wouldn't let her have his phone, so she wanted her phone back. When she went to get her phone from James, he headbutted her in the face, causing her tooth to puncture her lip. She then went downstairs to where her daughter was and tried calling 911 on her tablet but could not because she had no app. The victim then pushed the bug screen out of her bedroom window and went to the neighbor, taking her daughter.

The victim said James left shortly after she got to the neighbor's house and was unsure where he had gone. Officer Nielsen put an ATL out on James' vehicle but was unable to locate him that night.

On 2/2/24, James was located by Deputy Russell and was placed under arrest for having active warrants. James Guffey was booked into the Uintah County Jail at 2:00 pm.


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