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A man wanted for warrants turns on Agents with a knife

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 8/28/23, uniformed Uintah Basin Narcotics Strike Force Agents (UBNSF) attempted to contact an individual at 163 East 975 South. This contact was regarding the male's involvement in a separate case from this one.

Agent Cannon knocked on the residence door and made contact with a male individual. A second male exited the residence, identifying himself as Chris.

As they approached the residence, the Agents learned that Christopher had active warrants for his arrest for assault on peace officers living in an RV on the property.

The male was asked if he was 45-year-old Christopher Young Whitmore, and he stated he was. Agent Cannon told Christopher to step off the porch, but he refused. Christopher was informed he was giving him a lawful order to step off the porch, and again, he refused.

While Christopher was being told to step off the porch, he turned around and ran toward the front door. UBNSF Agent McGaha and Agent Cannon began chasing Christopher.

Just before Christopher reached the front door, he turned around and wielded a large 8-inch fixed-blade knife, holding it over his head. Within 15 feet of Christopher, Agents drew their duty weapons and demanded Christopher drop the knife. Christopher dropped the knife and ran into the residence.

Two Agents pursued Christopher inside the residence, where he was tackled to the floor. While on the floor, Christopher refused to comply with lawful orders to place his hands behind his back. Christopher continued to attempt to pull away from Agent McGaha while Agent Cannon attempted to affect the arrest. Christopher was eventually secured in handcuffs.

While the Agents walked Christopher outside, he attempted to pull away from them. He was eventually secured in Sgt. Hill's vehicle was transported to the Uintah County Jail.

Central dispatch was able to locate four statewide warrants for Christopher’s arrest. He was booked into jail for two counts of assault on a peace officer with a dangerous weapon, one count of interference with a peace officer, and four statewide warrants.

A search of Christopher's history reveals he had wielded knives at officers before (one of the cases in which the arrest warrants were for). Agent Cannon believes there is substantial evidence that Christopher is a danger to other individuals and the community.

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