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A Man Wanted For Domestic Violence After He Puts Woman In The Hospital Then Steals Her Car

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 20th, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On December 12, 2022, at around 9:30 pm, Detective Sergeant Tribe was notified of a domestic violence incident that occurred within the last week at the Split Mountain Motel 1015 East Hwy 40, Vernal, Utah.

Detective Sergeant Tribe spoke with Bureau of Indian Affairs Officer Louis regarding a female being treated at Uintah Basin Medical Center Emergency Department (Roosevelt, Utah) for facial injuries resulting from an assault.

The victim told Officer Louis she was physically beaten by her 28-year-old boyfriend, Keenan James Imuslee Taveapont, over several days while staying at the Split Mountain Motel.

Officer Louise documented multiple fist-sized bruises and a blackened right eye. The victim told Officer Louise she was strangled and lost consciousness. The victim told the Officer Keenan put a white-handled retractable bladed knife to her throat.

The victim told Officer Louis she believed Keenan would end her life.

The victim said Keenan drove her to Fort Duchesne, Utah, where he dropped her off at her parents' house. The victim stated Keenan took her Chevy Tahoe without her permission.

The victim later reported her vehicle as stolen.

Officer Louis later listed the vehicle with NCIC and was actively searching his jurisdiction for the vehicle and Keenan.

Officer Ross with the Vernal Police Department contacted management with Split Mountain Motel and was told Keenan Taveapont is currently registered as renting a room at the Motel.

Management indicated Keenan was at the Motel with an unknown female.

At approximately 10:30 pm, Officers located and arrested Keenan Taveapont as he drove the stolen Chevy Tahoe into the parking lot of the Split Mountain Motel.

Keenan was transported to the Vernal Police Department, where Detective Sergeant Tribe conducted a post-Miranda warning interview.

During this interview, Keenan continually asked if the victim was okay and wanted the Detective to tell him what was going on.

Keenan admitted to being involved with the victim in a relationship for the past month and living together from place to place.

Keenan admitted to staying at the Split Mountain Motel for the past four days (December 9-12th). Keenan also admitted to getting into an altercation with the victim but minimized the details stating it was only a verbal argument.

Keenan told Detective Sergeant Tribe they had the altercation at the Motel; however, he denied ever putting his hands on the victim. Keenan admitted to taking the victim to Fort Duchesne and dropping her off at her parents' house. Keenan told the Detective that nothing was wrong with her when he dropped the victim off.

Detective Sergeant Tribe confronted Keenan about this statement and provided him with digital images of the victim's beaten face. Keenan changed his story and said the victim had those injuries four days prior from a bar fight.

Keenan denied hurting the victim and continually told the Detective he loved her.

During initial interviews with the victim, she indicated during the physical altercation in the Motel room, and they broke a mirror inside the room.

Detective Sergeant Tribe confronted Keenan, and he minimized the incident and stated he broke it accidentally, trying to pull the mirror off the wall.

Detective Sergeant Tribe asked Keenan about any knives currently inside the Chevy Tahoe. Keenan admitted to knives inside the vehicle, along with other things. The Detective asked about any other things being inside the vehicle but was told it was only alcohol.

Detective Sergeant Tribe later searched the stolen vehicle for evidence related to this case, specifically knives. During a search, the Detective found an open consumed bottle of Brandy. This item was found on the front driver seat.

Detective Sergeant Tribe also found two folding-style knives in the center console and a glass pipe with burnt residue. This pipe is commonly used to ingest methamphetamine. This item was found in the center console near the folding-style knives.


Dec 22, 2022

You said “changed his story” he didn’t change it he just told you how she got beat up, in a bar! word it better next time! And she’s messed up on drugs! Crazy how you word Things

Dec 23, 2022
Replying to

Right!! Oh well his own fault for hanging out with crack heads 🤣

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