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A Man Wanted For A Warrant, Found In Ft. Duchesne

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 9th, 2023 | Warrant & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Ft. Duchesne, Ut.- On 3/2/23, Sgt Watkins and the BIA had located a man exiting a vehicle at a residence just north of the Richardson Subdivision.

46-year-old Jessie Lee Apodaca had an active board of pardons warrant for his arrest. After a short struggle, Jessie was taken into custody.

Because Jessie Apodaca is currently on parole and had exited a vehicle he was driving, a search was conducted. An assisting Officer found a piece of tin foil that was rolled up in the driver's side door area.

When the officers unrolled the tinfoil, they saw burnt marks and believed to be pills inside the tin foil, possibly fentanyl. The tinfoil was rolled back up and placed inside a plastic bag for safety reasons.

During the interview, Jessie admitted the pills inside the tinfoil were fentanyl. He also admitted to taking fentanyl pills about an hour before being arrested.

Jessie Apodaca had three prior convictions for illegal narcotics, starting around 2008 and ending in 2021. This narcotic offense was enhanced by one degree.

When arrested, Jessie Apodaca was on parole and had an active Board of Pardons warrant for "kidnapping,-cautions weapon, assault, escape, drugs, and gang sureno," according to the warrant information.

Kidnapping Affidavit:


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