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A Man Staggering Down 2500 West Tries To Run From The Police But Gets Tackled To The Ground

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 14th, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 4/13/23, Deputy Russell saw a male walking South on 2500 West who appeared unable to maintain a straight line of travel and, at some points walking off the road but not into the traffic lane.

The male turned West on 1500 South, and Deputy Russell decided to get closer to attempt to identify the man. The male was at about 2300 West, still walking East. The Deputy turned around in a parking lot and stopped to watch the male, hoping to identify him. The male stopped walking, began looking at his phone, and smoked a cigarette.

For approximately five minutes, the male turned around and started walking towards 2500 West back to where he had come from.

Deputy Russell drove past the male again and parked in the area of 1600 South 2500 West, where the male walked past him. The Deputy was unsure why the male acted so suspiciously and went to locate the male again.

Deputy Russell drove to the area of 2900 West 1500 South and was able to locate the male still traveling West. As the Deputy drove past the male, he identified the man as 36-year-old Mark L. Montgomery, whom the Deputy knew from several arrest warrants.

Deputy Russell stopped and contacted Mark, and Mark told the Deputy he had several warrants.

The Deputy radioed into dispatch to have them confirm the warrants, and Mark attempted to walk past the Deputy's truck. Deputy Russell explained that he needed to stop and stand at his truck until he was able to determine his warrants. Mark began running backward away from the Deputy after he was told to stop.

Mark started to run even faster, so the Deputy had to chase him down and place his hands on him to get him in control. Deputy Russell grabbed Mark by the front of his shirt and took him to the ground. As Mark went to the ground, the Deputy was able to gain control of his right wrist. Mark landed with his left hand underneath his body, and Deputy Russell gained control of Mark and rolled him over onto his stomach, and then radioed for backup.

Deputy Fairey arrived on scene and took control of Mark's right hand while Deputy Russel removed Mark's left arm from under him and took Mark into custody.

Once Mark was placed in handcuffs, dispatch informed Deputy Russell that Mark no longer had any warrants, but he had already admitted to the Deputies that he had meth, heroin, and marijuana in his pocket.

The Deputies were also informed that Mark was on probation, and his Agent told the Deputies Mark was supposed to be in rehab in Salt Lake, and for some reason, the Judge had recalled the warrants that morning.

Marks's Probation Agent was, in fact, looking for Mark, and he was in the process of issuing a warrant for Mark's arrest.

Agent Conely asked that Mark be transported to the Uintah County Jail for a 72-hour probation hold. Deputy Russell told the Agent Mark was in possession of drugs.

Mark was taken to jail and booked on his 72-hour hold.


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