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A Man On A Motorcycle Runs A Red Light In Front Of A UHP Trooper


| Vernal, Ut. | June 7th, 2024 |

At 7:04 pm, Trooper Lorensen was patrolling eastbound on SR-40 near 500 East. While he was stopped at the intersection at 500 East waiting for a red light, a motorcycle ran the red light headed in the same direction.

The trooper initiated a traffic stop near 625 East SR-40 and contacted the rider, who was identified as 46-year-old Justin Taylor Burgad.

While Justin was speaking with the trooper, he could immediately smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from Justin when he spoke.

Trooper Lorensen checked Justin's information and found he is alcohol restricted, interlock-restricted, and he has a denied driver's license. As the trooper was checking Justin's information, he nervously began drinking a soda.

The trooper told Justin he could smell the odor of alcohol coming from his breath and asked him when the last time he drank was. He admitted to drinking a beer and a shot while still in Salt Lake City.

Justin agreed to perform field sobriety tests, and the results are as follows:

Pre-exit interview questions: I began these questions by asking Burgad to recite the alphabet from E to T, and he performed this test without any obvious issues. I then asked Burgad to count backward from 48 to 32. Burgad showed minor indications of possible impairment during this task. I then conducted the finger-counting question. During this task, he displayed multiple indications of possible impairment. Burgad miscounted, skipped some fingers entirely, and touched his fingers together incorrectly despite confirming he understood my instructions.

HGN: I began this test by asking Burgad medical questions relating to this test. He denied having any issues hindering his ability to complete this test. During the test, Burgad showed six of six possible clues, as well as other indications of possible impairment. He had a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes, nystagmus at maximum deviation in both eyes, and the onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in both eyes. An indication of possible impairment Burgad displayed was following my finger with his head and not realizing he was doing it.

Nine-step walk and turn: I began this test by asking medical questions relating to this, as well as the one-leg stand. Burgad stated he has issues with sore knees but that he would be able to complete these tests. During this test, I observed at least five of the eight possible clues. Burgad could not keep balance during the instruction phase. He started early, stopped walking, missed heel to toe by more than approximately 1/2 inch, and made an improper turn. An indication of possible impairment displayed during this test was forgetting instructions mid-test.

One-leg stand: During this test, I observed at least three of the four possible clues. Burgad swayed, raised his arms more than approximately six inches, and put his foot down. Indications of possible impairment shown during this test were continuous shaking, flaring his fingers outward, putting his foot down multiple times, and appearing to require an unusual amount of focus and effort to complete this test.

Lack of convergence: In this test, I observed a lack of convergence during both attempts.

Romberg: Burgad completed this test in 20 seconds, indicating that he was unusually sped up.

Nose touch: During this test, Burgad showed indications of possible impairment by missing the tip of his nose, contacting the wrong part of his finger, and having difficulty following directions properly.

PBT: I then administered a PBT. During this test, he showed an indication of possible impairment by repeatedly failing to give a sufficient air sample. He would hum, blow air out the sides of his mouth, and blow very little air into the straw. It took multiple attempts, reiterating instructions multiple times and confronting him about the games he was playing to finally get a usable reading. The PBT showed a positive result for alcohol.

After conducting all these tests, Trooper Lorensen asked Justin how much he had to drink. He admitted to drinking an additional beer while at a gas station in Duchesne.

Justin was placed under arrest for DUI. After securing Justin in handcuffs, a search of his person yielded a knife. After the search, Justin was secured inside the police vehicle.

After securing Justin in the police vehicle, he was read the DUI admonitions. As they were being read, dispatch notified the trooper that Justin had a previous DUI conviction from earlier this year.

Trooper Lorensen requested a breath test from Justin. However, during the pre-impound vehicle inventory, the trooper found a bag containing cocaine and other drug paraphernalia. Also located were multiple other prescription medications Justin admitted to taking this morning.

An open bottle of Vodka was located, and the illicit items were secured all but the alcohol bottle inside the patrol vehicle for transport. The Vodka was destroyed on the scene. Also, during the inventory, the trooper tried locating an ignition interlock device, finding that there wasn't one.

One of the medications Justin admitted to taking this morning was Xanax. With the trooper finding this new information relating to drugs, the trooper re-read the DUI admonition, now requesting a blood test. After explaining to Justin why he needed a blood test as opposed to a breath test, Justin refused the blood test.

Justin was transported to Uintah Basin Healthcare at 10:11 pm, and Two vials of blood were taken from Justin’s right arm. The blood evidence was secured inside the patrol vehicle for transport.

Once completed at the hospital, Justin was transported to the Uintah County Jail and later released.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read. You can also look up any case in the state of Utah from this site.


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