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A man hit with a shovel handle by his wife, breaks his hand.

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Posted by Travis Uresk | Oct. 13th, 2022 | Domestic Violence | Vernal, Ut. |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- 10/3/22, Officer McCurdy was dispatched to a domestic detail regarding two individuals who were seen at the Vernal Urgent Care by Dr. Porter.

Dr. Porter told Officer McCurdy he treated the husband's injuries from being hit with a shovel handle by his wife, Ashton Swett, the night before. Dr. Porter mentioned that Kyle had a broken hand and tried to tell Kyle he needed to report the incident to Law Enforcement. Dr. Porter went on to note that he evaluated Ashton Swett for bruises on her arms, hands, face, and eye. Ashton also didn't want Law Enforcement to get involved.

Officer McCurdy drove to the Swett home on North Vernal Ave. and spoke with Kyle and saw his hand was wrapped up, indicating he had sustained an injury.

Officer McCurdy asked Kyle what had happened to his hand. Kyle said, "his wife had hit him with a shovel handle and a piece of metal the day before." He also said he needed surgery because it "busted" it all the way off.

Kyle told the Officer his wife tried to hit him inside the home, and when trying to leave, he was hit with the shovel handle in the doorway. Kyle stated he was able to take Ashton to the ground and remove the shovel handle from her, and pushed her to the side, where she apparently fell off the steps of the home.

While the Officer was speaking with Kyle, Ashton arrived home, and Offer McCurdy asked her what had happened the day before. Ashton said, "she went to the Dr. after being in a fight." Ashton stated she was "pissed off" but couldn't remember what had happened and wouldn't elaborate on what had occurred at their home.

Officer McCurdy asked Ashton multiple times for her side of the story, but she would only say they both went to the Dr., and it was none of his business what she was getting an X-Ray for. The Officer noticed Ashton had bruising on both arms and her face.

After speaking to Kyle and Ashton, the Offer determined probable cause to arrest Ashton Swett for aggravated assault for being the predominant aggressor and transported her to the Uintah County Jail.


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