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A Man Gets Flipped Off, That Starts A Fist Fight In The Middle Of The Road

By Travis Uresk 10/29/23

Duchesne, Co. On 10/5/23, a report of an assault located near 7700 South and 45300 West. The reporting party stated that 45-year-old Joseph Robert Kindall started issues with her son and then assaulted her husband.

Deputy Woodhouse spoke with the complainant, her husband, and their son. They explained that Joseph had verbally confronted their son as he was leaving the residence, stating, "He was going to kick my ass."

The husband went up the driveway to try and stop the verbal argument, but Joseph punched him. Then the argument started again. When the husband attempted for a second time to stop the argument, Joseph struck him with a closed fist, knocking the 66-year-old man to the ground, who sustained injuries to his head, causing head trauma.

The son went to defend his father, physically brawling and exchanging punches until Joseph retreated to his house. The son also sustained injuries to the body and head.

All parties filled out statements and indicated what injuries were sustained. The son explained that he didn't want to fight but had to defend his father and that he had punched Joseph in the face repeatedly until Joseph stopped fighting and retreated to his house. He also stated that Joseph would have injuries to his head and eyes.

While Deputy Woodhouse spoke with Joseph, they indicated that the son had flipped Joseph off while leaving his parent's home. Joseph stated that is when he called out to the son, saying, "Come on," and called him profanities. Joseph said the son and his father came to the fence and started an argument on his property. Joseph stated that the father pushed him, and that is when he punched the father; then, the son began hitting him and continued to hit him while he was on the ground.

When speaking with Marie Kindall, she indicated the same thing apart from identifying that the parties were fighting in the road as she pulled up. Deputy Woodhouse found that the Kindall's stories changed as he interviewed them.

First, Joseph stated the fight had begun on his property, then he said that he didn't know, but speaking with Marie, the Deputy found that the fight was on the road, consistent with what the other party was telling Deputy Woodhouse. There were many discrepancies in Joseph's story, but this was the biggest.

Deputy Woodhouse found that the discrepancies in Joseph's story, along with his history in two other incidents, indicated he was the primary aggressor. Both other incidents consist of Joseph coming into the roadway or on the other party's property, shouting threats and profanities at the family, and calling them to fight him. The behavior indicated in both other reports is consistent with the behavior described by the other party tonight.

Due to the above evidence, Joseph Robert Kindall is charged with Assault resulting in substantial injury to the father and Assault resulting in injury to the son. Threat of violence by making physical threats to the son and the father, then showing immediate force.

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