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A Man Gets Caught Doing Heroin Inside The Bathroom At Kody’s Laundromat

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 21st, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 2/16/23, Officer Barton was dispatched to Kody's Laundromat in Roosevelt, Utah. Dispatch advised him that the complainant who works there called saying that two men have been there for some time and not doing business. Also, that one male was in the bathroom and sounded like he was breaking things.

When Officer Barton arrived, he attempted to open the bathroom door, and it was locked. He told the person inside to come out several times, and he did not. He gave him commands as law enforcement and for him to open the door.

The male subject did and came out of the bathroom, and it smelled like he had been smoking something while in the bathroom.

Officer Barton asked who he was, and he gave him a false name. The man was advised that Officer Barton would have BIA come and identify him. That is when he said his name was Arden Davin Post.

Arden’s name was run through dispatch for a warrants check, and Arden is a fugitive from Adult Probation and Parole. Arden had several no-bail warrants out for his arrest.

Arden was arrested, and during the search, suspected heroin and drug paraphernalia were found on Arden's person.

Arden was taken in for medical clearance and booked into the Duchesne County Jail for possession of a controlled substance (Heroin), enhanced due to prior's. Possession of Drug paraphernalia, false personal information to a law enforcement officer, and the warrants.


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