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A man gets attacked with a sword/bat by his girlfriend and her son, gets life-flighted to Salt Lake

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.-On 6/9/23, Officer Arnold met with a male at the Victim’s Advocate Office after he was released from the U of U hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

An employee from Victim’s Advocate Office informed Officer Arnold that the man wanted to report an incident that took place on June 6th, 2023.

The male victim stated that he was at home sleeping, and around 10:00 am, his girlfriend, 32-year-old Dayzsha Leerica Sowsonicut, woke him up and wanted him to get her some drugs.

The victim said he told her no, and that's when Dayzsha got up and began to attack him with a baseball bat. He was able to get the bat and threw it and was going to leave, but Dayzsha grabbed him and took him to the ground.

The victim said this was when her 11-year-old son got a sword out of the closet and started cutting him with it.

Dayzsha continued to hit and assault the victim while the son was cutting him. The victim said he was cut on the hand and knee and continued trying to leave, but Dayzsha held him down and encouraged her son to keep attacking him with the sword.

The victim was able to make it outside to the front porch and kept telling Datzsha to call for an ambulance.

Dayzsha called dispatch and told them the victim had cut his finger, and when the ambulance arrived, she told them the victim was cutting himself.

Officer Arnold stated the victim had severe lacerations on his right hand that nearly cut his fingers off and a severe laceration on his knee, which had the ER doctor life-flight the victim to Salt Lake City for care. There were also smaller lacerations on the victim's foot and body.

Officer Arnold contacted Dayzsha at her residence in Roosevelt and asked her what had happened. She stated that something was wrong with the victim due to how he was acting, and he just got up and had a bat and hit her in the hip, and she wrestled with the victim.

Dayzsha didn't say anything about the sword or how it came into the incident. Her story continued to change when asked about the weapons. The Officer asked where the sword was, and Dayzsha stated she had thrown it in the dumpster outside.

The Officers were unable to locate the sword, but Officer Arnold found the baseball bat inside the house with the consent from Dayzsha to collect it.

Dayzsha was asked why she destroyed the evidence involved in the crime, and Dayzsha stated, "She couldn't look at it."

Dayyzsha Sowsonicut was then arrested for aggravated assault and destruction of evidence and transported to the Duchesne County Jail.

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