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A man gets arrested for mail theft, cashing, forging, and washing checks

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 19th, 2023 | Forgery & Theft |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 3/28/23, Officer Harrison spoke with a female via telephone. She advised she had a new checkbook stolen from her mailbox in Uintah County.

She stated that two of her checks had been cashed in Roosevelt at Stewart's. The woman sent the Officer copies of the checks and pictures of the subjects cashing the checks. A person with the initials CH cashed one of the checks, and 39-year-old Joshua Russell Davis cashed the other one.

It appeared both checks were being signed by the same person signing the victim's name. One check was written out to and cashed by Joshua for $462. It was cashed on 3/15/23, and Joshua supplied his ID, and it was written on the check.

Officer Harrison verified the ID number, and it came back to Joshua Davis. He also verified the picture from the store, and it matched his ID picture for Joshua.

The check cashed by CH was cashed on 3/14/23, and it was for $325. ID was also presented, and photographs matched that ID as well. CH was arrested on 3/31/23.

On 4/4/23, Officer Harrison met with Joshua at the police department and was advised of his Miranda Rights. He said CH had gone to the gas station, and a stranger approached them and offered them work. They went with the stranger and worked in a field. Joshua didn't know where they worked or who they were and could not describe them, but they paid with the checks.

Joshua said he thought it was the company listed on the checks, but when asked about the difference in check amounts, he said he stayed longer than CH. Joshua identified himself from the camera picture at Stewart's and admitted to cashing the check. Joshua also stated prior he had difficulty walking and using his hands from prior surgery and an infection.

Officer Harrison stated this all seemed not to add up, so after he filled out a statement, I released him and told him (Joshua) I would follow up in a few days.

On 4/4/23, Officer Harrison met with CH, who had previously been advised of her Miranda Rights and told another Officer the same story before changing it to another. During the meeting with CH to verify what had really happened, CH stated that she had been given the check by Joshua, who told her to cash it because CH had an ID.

CH said Joshua had taken the money from the check CH cashed, having CH put it on his cash app. CH added that once Joshua knew the police were looking for him, he thought up the story he gave Officer Harrison and told CH to say the same thing. CH showed Officer Harrison her arms, which were heavily bruised up, and said that was how Joshua convinced her to go with his story.

On 4/6/23, Joshua was arrested for an unrelated charge and booked into jail. Officer Harrison had the Officer advise Joshua that he was under arrest for this event, forgery, and theft.

On 4/6/23, Officer Barton was patrolling 200 North in Roosevelt when he saw a male traveling West on a bicycle and then turning South on 200 East. The male was later identified as Joshua Davis.

The Officer watched Joshua move to the East side of the road and continue South on 200 East. Joshua then turned left onto 300 East, continued to 700 South, and stopped.

Joshua asked Officer Barton if he could help me, and Barton replied, "No, he was good, and I was just making sure you were ok."

Joshua stated he was going to the store, and Officer Barton asked if he was on probation. Joshua said he was on with AP&P, and Agent Coil was his probation officer.

Officer Barton contacted Agent Coil, stating that Joshua spoke with him recently and asked if Barton would do a compliance check on Joshua.

During the search of Joshua, a small glass container with methamphetamine was inside.

Joshua was arrested and transported to the UBMC emergency room for medical clearance. He was then taken to the Duchesne County Jail and booked for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a 72-hour hold per AP&P.

On 3/16/23, the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office received a call from a woman who lives in Roosevelt regarding Joshua Davis. She stated that there was some evidence on a computer she owns that she let Joshua use that has evidence of counterfeit items on it.

The woman stated she went through the computer that she borrowed to Joshua, who was staying with her and found a lot of counterfeit stuff on it.

The woman voluntarily gave the laptop to the Deputies. The computer shows an access date created by Joshua on 1/4/23 at 4:33 am. In the woman's statement, she said she let her roommate Joshua Davis borrow a Dell laptop computer from her, and she recently kicked him out of the home that she owns. She stated when she gathered his things from her home, she found a check that was obviously counterfeit, and she saw other people's mail.

A large brown day planner was also given to law enforcement by the woman. Joshua Davis possessed the day planner in the residence with the computer and other items.

Inside the day planner, when receiving it, it was a "washed" check. The check is in the process of being washed. It was smeared and dried. The payee area is clear on the original. The check number is from Midwest Agri, and the date of the check is 12/31/22. The amount of the check is for $5,000.

Located on the laptop is a scanned copy of the same check. The check was scanned on the laptop in its original form. It is the same check as the attempted "washed check," excluding the person to be paid to. All the numbers are the same, including the account number, the amount, and the authorized signature.

On 4/7/23, Joshua Davis was interviewed, and Joshua admitted that he put the check that was scanned on the computer and other people's identifications. He also admitted to being the one who "washed" the check. He explained the process using acetone and the process to wipe the check to be altered.

Joshua claimed that someone else brought him the check, and he altered it. He would not say who gave him the check. He also said someone else gave him the brown day planner.

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