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A Man Called In For Reckless Driving, Arrested For DUI And A Stolen Car

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 6th, 2023 | Drugs & Stolen Car |

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne Co. Ut.- UHP Trooper Anderson was patrolling westbound on SR-40 near milepost 76 when dispatch attempted to locate a reckless driver on SR-40 eastbound near milepost 71 of a Hyundai passenger vehicle with no other description.

The complainant said the vehicle was all over the road and almost rear-ended him, but he was unwilling to sign.

Shortly after, the ATL Trooper Anderson had a Hyundai pass him going eastbound right behind a truck and trailer, which appeared to be following too closely.

Trooper Anderson observed the passenger car and then passed the truck and trailer at high speed.

The Trooper flipped around and started to catch up to the vehicle to stop it based on the matching description of the ATL. As Trooper Anderson was attempting to catch up to the vehicle, he saw that it was traveling at a high rate of speed and visually estimated the speed to be 85 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.

He activated his front radar antenna in moving mode same direction. The vehicle was in the radar beam, Trooper Anderson had good strong audible to confirm, and the radar showed a speed of 80 MPH, which is consistent with my estimation.

At approximately 10:20 am, the Trooper initiated a traffic stop by activating his red-blue emergency lights. The vehicle pulled over at about milepost 77.

Trooper Anderson made a passenger-side approach and introduced himself and the reason for the stop. He immediately could smell a distinct odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. He also noticed that the steering column on the vehicle was broken, and the ignition was hanging down.

Trooper Anderson also observed a small burnt roach in the center console. He asked the driver for his license and proof of insurance for the vehicle. The driver said he did not have one. Trooper Anderson asked for his name and date of birth which he provided the Trooper a name of Tom Reed and a DOB of 03/22/1999.

At that time, Trooper Anderson told the driver I

he could smell burnt marijuana, and he then stated he did not have any marijuana.

Trooper Anderson returned to his patrol vehicle to run the name and date of birth he was given, which returned with no result. The vehicle license plate was also returned with the results on file.

He had dispatch run the vehicle information and the name and DOB, and they also stated they got no return.

The highway patrolman then called for a second unit. Trooper Anderson again approached the vehicle and had the driver step out of the vehicle, and told him he would perform standard field sobriety tests to ensure he was safe to operate a vehicle.

Trooper Anderson had the driver, who was later identified as 23-year-old Christian Antonio Cesspooch (DOB 03/22/1999).

The Trooper had Christian stand in front of his patrol and asked Christian the medical prescreening question, and he said he had no issues at all.

Trooper Anderson then performed the horizontal Gaze Nystagmus portion of the test. No HGN clues were observed. He then performed the nine-step walk and turn, in which the Trooper observed multiple clues indicating impairment. Trooper Anderson explained and demonstrated the test.

Christian stated he understood and had no questions. Trooper Anderson had him start the test, and Christian could not and did not keep his balance or the starting position of the test during the instructional phase.

During the walking portion of the test, he took 31 steps out and only stopped because his vehicle was in the way. He then turned, gave two thumbs up, and said he was done with the test.

Trooper Anderson then performed the one-leg stand portion of the test which multiple clues were observed. The Trooper explained and demonstrated the test to Christian, and he stated he understood and had no questions. Trooper Anderson saw him swaying during that test, and he had to raise his hands higher than six inches to try and maintain his balance.

He counted to 25 in the 30-second time frame. Trooper Anderson then performed two other tests. The first was the lack of convergence which the Trooper did not observe.

Trooper Anderson then performed the modified Romberg test, which Christian estimated 30 seconds in 16 seconds. When asked how he came to that conclusion, he just counted 1, 2, 3, etc. At that time, the Trooper had decided to arrest Christian for DUI. Trooper Anderson retrieved his PBT, Christian blew, and it indicated no alcohol. At that time, Trooper Anderson had him turn around and placed him under arrest for DUI.

While Trooper Anderson was searching Christian to arrest him, Trooper A. Terry located the VIN on the vehicle and had dispatch run it by VIN. As Trooper Anderson was placing Christian in the back passenger seat of his vehicle, he heard on the radio Dispatch advised the vehicle was listed as stolen out of Salt Lake City.

Trooper Anderson then had dispatch send the hit to the originating agency. At that time, Trooper Anderson started figuring out how he would positively identify Christian and take him to the Jail to have him fingerprinted to get a positive identification.

During the search and inventory of the vehicle, the only contraband that was located was the small burnt roach in the center console.

While at the Jail, a few of the Jailer's said they recognized him but couldn't remember his name but knew it was not Tom Reed. They then asked for his name and DOB, and he gave them the correct name of Christian Antonio Cesspooch (DOB 3/22/1999). We then ran that name and DOB and located a photo that matched, and Trooper Anderson was able to locate a revoked driver's license for Christian and two statewide warrants.

Trooper Anderson then read Christian his DUI admonitions which he stated he understood. He refused the first admonition for a chemical test but submitted after the refusal admonition. Trooper Anderson then transported Christian to the hospital to have the blood draw performed and then placed Christian back in the passenger rear seat of his vehicle and finished his citation.

Trooper Anderson read him his right to a DLD hearing and attempted to serve him the paperwork, which he refused to take and said to give it to the officers and the Jail.

Trooper B. Shaw arrived at the hospital and took Christian from there, and transported him to be booked into the Duchesne County Jail.


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