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A man breaks into a home in Neola and assaults two people.

Posted by Travis Uresk | Oct. 17th, 2022 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Neola, Ut.- On October 10th, 2022, 52-year-old Wesley Kane Gilmore broke in through the back door of a Neola home and started threatening everyone inside.

Both victims stated Wesley moved out about three weeks ago and came back through an unlocked backdoor, then walked to the female's bedroom and started punching the male victim in the face. They began fighting on the floor next to the bed. Wesley got up and went towards the female victim. The male victim said he pulled a gun out and pointed it at Wesley. Before Wesley left the home he backhanded the female across the face.

Officers spoke to Wesley on the phone and asked him to return to the home to give his side of the story. But Wesley said he was out of town and headed towards Vernal and asked if he was going to jail. The Officer told him he couldn't give him a definite answer. Wesley said he would return to the home but never showed up.

An assisting deputy went to the trailer park in Roosevelt where Wesley was living and ran the plates from a motor home that looked similar to the one described by one of the victims, and the plate returned to Wesley Gilmore. The deputy knocked on the door, and Wesley answered and was detained.

Wesley claimed he didn't move out of the Neola home and his stuff was still there. The Officer told him all three residents stated that he moved out three weeks ago and was now living in the RV park.

Officers asked Wesley his side of the story, and Wesley said, "I walked in the room, and a gun was pulled on me; after the gun was pointed at me, I hit the man."

The Officer told Wesley he got a different story and saw the male victim had a swollen eye that was bloody and starting to bruise.

Wesley Gilmore was placed under arrest for burglary and committing assault and transported to Duchesne County Jail. Wesley was also booked for an assault warrant for a previous case.

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