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A man at an apartment complex in Roosevelt gets arrested for drugs

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 5/24/23, Cpl. Barton overheard dispatch calling out a female driving a blue passenger car living at the Stoneridge apartment complex.

When Cpl. Barton arrived at the complex, and he walked to apartment A5 and saw the female trying to get a dog inside the apartment. Barton allowed her to tell the owner to get the dog and had her come to the front of the apartments.

She had a male, identified as 32-year-old Christopher James Gaddis, get the dog. Barton confirmed with dispatch that Christopher had a warrant out for his arrest.

Christopher was arrested and had a meth pipe with a testable amount of meth inside. In his backpack was a blue and black case with several empty baggies that were used to package illegal narcotics. A marijuana pipe, a syringe, and a bag with meth were also inside.

Cpl. Barton also found a bag of heroin and a digital scale with illegal narcotic residue.

Christopher was booked into the Duchesne County Jail for the drugs, drug paraphernalia, and the warrant. Deputy Hargis stated that he would also put a 72-hour hold on Christopher.


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