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A Male And Female Were Seen Leaving A Residence In Gusher, Both Arrested For Warrants


| Gusher, Ut. | May 6th, 2024 |

A dark-colored passenger car was seen leaving a residence, and the female passenger was recognized by the Uintah County Deputy as 30-year-old Shauntay Dawn Clark, who was wanted on an active no-bail warrant.

After stopping the vehicle, Deputy Fairey spoke with the two occupants and positively identified the female passenger as Shauntay. She told the deputy she was aware of the active warrant and was in the process of requesting a change of venue.

Deputy Fairey told Shauntay that she was under arrest on the warrant and taken into custody. While placing her into the patrol vehicle, the deputy could smell the odor of alcohol coming from her person. Shauntay was asked about the odor and admitted that she had consumed two shots of alcohol prior to leaving the residence.

Shauntay was asked if she was on probation and if she was allowed to consume alcohol. Shauntay told Deputy Fairey that she was on court-supervised probation with the Eighth District Court and that she believed she was on a no-alcohol clause.

Deputy Fairey checked the Utah Court Xchange website and located a recent court case in the Eighth District Court-Vernal (#231800669). In that case, Shauntay was placed on probation for 18 months. A no-alcohol provision was included as a condition of Shauntay's probation.

The driver of the vehicle also looked familiar to the deputy and asked for his ID. The driver was identified as 46-year-old Michael Brian Hackford.

Dispatch was asked to check Michael's personal information and returned that he was wanted on three outstanding warrants out of local jurisdictions. Michael was asked to step from the vehicle and placed under arrest on the active warrants.

While placing Michael into the patrol vehicle, the deputy spoke to him about the odor of alcohol coming from his person. Michael stated that he was not currently on probation.

In the car was a glass pipe on the driver's seat where Michael had been sitting. The pipe had burnt methamphetamine residue inside of it. A large coffee can was found on the floorboard behind the driver's seat. Inside was ¾ full of coffee grounds. Inside the coffee was a large pink Ziplock baggie that contained a large quantity of methamphetamine. The bag was later weighed, and the total weight of the meth was 13.92 grams.

A large bottle of Vodka was located in the seat pocket behind the passenger seat. The bottle was missing the lid and was about ¾ full.

Michael was asked about the ownership of the vehicle, and he stated the owner was incarcerated and that he had the car with the owner's permission. Michael stated that some speaker boxes and an amplifier in the trunk belonged to him.

Michael stated he didn’t know that the glass pipe was on the driver’s seat or how it got there. Michael said maybe the property owner of the residence he had been visiting placed the pipe there before he left.

Michael told Deputy Fairey that the bottle of Vodka belonged to the vehicle's owner and had been in the vehicle before he took possession of it.

Shauntay told the deputy that Michael had arrived at the location to give her a ride, claiming it was the first time she had been in the car. She also stated she didn't know the pipe and the coffee can were inside the vehicle and said Michael had been drinking from the Vodka bottle while at the residence.

Michael and Shauntay were transported to the Uintah County Jail.

Michael was booked on the charges of:

Misdemeanor A possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance (methamphetamine)

Misdemeanor B possession of drug paraphernalia

Misdemeanor C open container/drinking alcohol in a vehicle

Shauntay was booked on the charges of:

The new charge of misdemeanor B, unlawful purchase/consumption of alcohol by an interdicted person, and the warrant. Shauntay Is being held on a $690 bail.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read.


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