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A Male And Female Were Arrested For Having Various Kinds Of Drugs At A Vernal Apartment Building


Vernal, Ut- A male and female were arrested on 2/27/24 at the Golden Age Manor at 221 West 350 North. The couple arrested were 38-year-old Shaun Michael McMickell and 42-year-old Jennifer Leigh Samuels.

While Cpl Ross was responding to the trespass detail at the apartments, he spoke with the complainant/manager by phone, who stated someone was staying in one of the apartments. She confirmed that the apartment was not rented to anyone, no one had permission to be inside the apartment, and all the doors should be locked.

Upon the officer's arrival, Cpl Ross noticed the South window screen had been removed and placed outside on the ground. After knocking on the door, Cpl Ross was met by a female identified as Jennifer Samuels.

Jennifer stated she was cleaning the apartment but was not living there and invited Cpl Ross and Officer Elmer inside. Jennifer was asked if any other individuals were inside the residence, and she said there weren't.

The officers asked if they could search the apartment, and Jennifer agreed. Cpl Ross located a male in the bedroom, and he was identified as Shaun McMickell by his Utah driver's license.

Shaun was moved into the living room, where the officers found a used glass pipe with meth residue, a tooter, a torch lighter, tinfoil, and a small baggie with meth inside.

Two bags were found in the room Shaun was found in. The first bag was in a camo backpack, and the second was in a multicolored purse. Shaun declined ownership of the items.

Cpl Ross also found multiple items pertaining to sexual items for a male's penis, Narcan, unused syringes, another tooter, and a Mentos container.

Inside the Mentos container were multiple used baggies with powder residue and a smaller baggie with white powder consistent with cocaine. Also found was a small baggie of black tar heroin.

In the kitchen, there was a metal spoon in the sink with burnt marks on the bottom. Officer Elmer found another baggie in the bathroom trash with a white powdery substance inside.

Inside the closet, multiple used tinfoil pieces were retrieved with a black substance consistent with heroin. Additional paraphernalia was found inside the room, including several tooters, another glass pipe with residue inside, and additional baggies with residue inside.

Shaun and Jennifer were placed in handcuffs, and while conducting a search incident to arrest, a THC vape pen was found in Shaun's pocket. Inside Shaun's wallet was a small baggie with meth in it. Jennifer was asked if she had anything illegal on her before she was transported to jail, and she stated no. She was warned that it would be an additional charge if she did.

Once at the jail, Cpl Ross requested a level 2 search be conducted by jail staff, given the facts that a significant amount of controlled substances were located in the residence and on Shaun's person. Shaun was notified about bringing contraband into the jail as it is clearly labeled on the Pre-booking slider before entering the jail.

Cpl Ross was provided a small baggy of orange pills by jail Deputies who conducted the search. Shaun informed the Deputies that the pills were Xanax.

Cpl Ross was later notified by Cpl. Pummell said after he arrived at the Uintah County Jail, he searched the back seat area where Jennifer was sitting during the transport. Cpl. Pummell found multiple small baggies with a white powdery substance inside and on the bottom floor area where a vent for air circulation into the cage is. The bags were wet, as if they came from inside Jennifer's mouth.

The couple were booked in jail for Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Correctional Facility, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Heroin, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Fentanyl, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Criminal Trespass of a Dwelling.


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