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A Male and female get arrested after a traffic stop.

By Travis Uresk 1Nationjustice


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 9/13/23, Cpl Barton was patrolling 400 East 300 North in Roosevelt City and saw a white Ford van at the stop sign. As Cpl Barton passed the white van, he observed the rear driver's side tail light was damaged and the registration was expired.

Cpl Barton turned around and followed the vehicle while it turned left into the back of the car wash at 250 North 400 East. The Officer activated his emergency lights, and the driver continued into the parking lot and stopped in an awkward position.

The front passenger door opened, and Cpl Barton quickly exited his patrol vehicle and told the passenger to return to the van. The passenger moved towards the middle of the van and then got into the passenger seat.

More Officers were called in to assist Cpl Barton, and they gave commands and detained the driver and the passenger. The female was identified as 33-year-old Alice Mae Howell.

Alice had multiple warrants out for her arrest as well as the driver. When Alice was detained in plain view on the passenger floor, the Officer's found tinfoil with burnt heroin or other opiates being smoked out of the tinfoil.

Alice was placed under arrest.

During the search of Alice's person, there was suspected heroin, a pill identified as Hydrocodone, and pens used to smoke the heroin and pills.

While speaking with Alice, she informed the Officers that she also had mushrooms on her. The Police took possession of the drugs, and Alice was transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked in on three counts of possession of a controlled substance for the suspected heroin, mushrooms, the pain pill, and the multiple warrants out for her arrest.

The driver, who was identified as 58-year-old Charles Lee Smallwood, had a warrant out of Duchesne County Justice Court and no valid driver's license.

Charles was arrested during the vehicle search due to drug paraphernalia in plain view and a positive K9 indication. A marijuana pipe was found in a tool bag in the back of the van with marijuana flake. Rolling papers were also found in the vehicle.

Charles was interviewed and stated that he recently smoked marijuana. Charles never obtained a driver's license and had an NCIC warrant out of California.

Charles was booked into the Duchesne County Jail for possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, never obtained a driver's license, and the warrants, and his vehicle was impounded for being expired since February 2023.


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