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A Lapoint Woman Calls 911 Saying Shots Were Fired And An Officer Had Been Shot


Lapoint, Ut.— On Friday March 8th, 2024, Uintah County Deputies were dispatched to a residence Of shots fired.

Dispatch advised that the complainant 49-year-old Roburta Ann Tabbee, who was staying at the residence and stated that a BIA officer had been shot and was calling out for help. Dispatch also advised that Roburta reported there was an adult female that was deceased inside the trailer with her and an adult male who sustained a gunshot wound.

Roburta told dispatch that she was armed with a gun, and she returned to the camp trailer.

When officers arrived, BIA officers were already on scene and informed Deputy Mieure that they were all fine. The officers approached the camp trailer to speak with Roburta through the thin walls of the camper.

BIA Officer White made first contact with Roburta, who stated there were two others with her inside the camper. Officer White asked for the status of the two people in the trailer, and Roburta said the male was shot but was saying he was okay.

Due to dispatch advising that Roburta had a firearm, Deputy Mieure asked her to exit the camper so that the officers could render aid to the patients inside the trailer. Still, Roburta refused to exit or open the blinds for the officers so they could look into the trailer.

The officers attempted to contact the male several times by phone to check on his welfare but were unsuccessful. They learned that Roburta had been trespassed from the property recently but refused to leave.

During the attempts to negotiate with Roburta, Det. Meinrod learned that the camp trailer she was living in had been stolen. The officers then decided to breach the trailer's door and enter.

Roburta was the only one inside the trailer, and she was found not to have a firearm in her possession.

Roburta was arrested for trespassing, obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct, and false emergency reporting.


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