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A juvenile calls the police and saves his mother in a domestic violence incident.

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 6/21/23, Vernal Police were called to a report of domestic violence in progress in which the complainant stated his mother was actively being hit by her boyfriend.

When Officer Roth arrived at the apartment complex, he was directed by the juvenile complainant to the apartment. The juvenile opened the apartment door and took the Officer to the back bedroom, where the door was closed, but the Officer could hear voices coming from behind the closed door.

As the Officer was just about to announce the police were there, the door was opened by a male that was partially concealed behind the door. The male was directed out of the room and detained in handcuffs until other Officers arrived. The male was told he was not under arrest, just merely detained.

When other Officers arrived, Roth was able to speak with the juvenile child that witnessed the event. He stated that he watched the man, now identified as 39-year-old Nicholas James Collier, grab his mother by her shoulders, facing her, then shove her down into a chair. Nicholas then started shaking the female.

Officer Roth then interviewed the victim, and she initially told other Officers that nothing physical had happened between the two, but when interviewed by Roth, she stated she didn't want to get him into trouble.

Roth explained what her son had witnessed and asked her to be clear on what had happened. The victim then said that Nicholas had grabbed her by the shoulders, and she was frightened for her safety.

Nicholas Collier denied any physical contact with the victim.

Nicholas was arrested and incarcerated in the Uintah County Jail for assault and domestic violence in the presence of a child.


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