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A husband beats his wife, then runs and hides to his mom's backyard

Updated: Jul 1


Vernal, Ut.- On February 23rd, 2024, a female showed up at the Victims Advocate, reporting earlier in the morning, around 9 am, her husband started yelling and calling her names.

The victim stated she was attempting to leave the house when retrieving her keys. he started to yell at her to get out of the house, saying, "Get out of my house, you bitch."

At which her husband stood up and shoved the victim against the wall, trying to push her out the door. The victim attempted to grab the phone off a small table next to the doorway to call the police. Her husband grabbed the victim, threw her to the ground in a headlock, took the phone, and said, "If I am going to jail, I'm going for a reason," and doubled up his fist like he was going to hit the victim, but took the batteries out of the phone so she couldn't call anyone.

The victim had a large and fresh rug burn injury on her elbow, from where she stated she was trying to get away from her husband when she was on the floor.

Deputy Jones located 49-year-old Adam Guy Long at his mother's house in Randlett, hiding in the backyard even though he said he was out on Highway 40 about five miles up the road.

A post-Miranda field interview was done where Adam said there was yelling, but nothing physical happened, and he did grab his phone from the victim's hands, but he never touched her.

Based on the injuries to the victim and Adam's statements, Adam was arrested and taken to the Uintah County Jail.

"Adam Long has been convicted and or taken several pleas in abeyance for domestic violence and violation of protective orders, which under UTC 77-36-1.1 is en-hancable."

“Due to Mr. Long's history of domestic violence and disregard to the lawful court-ordered protective orders that have been placed to protect the victim from further harassment, emotional and physical abuse, and fear for her safety and well-being until the necessary assistance from victims advocates and Friends against Family Violence is done, Deputy Jones is requesting a no bail be placed on Mr. Long.”


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