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A Fight At Little B’s Bar Leaves One Woman With A Shoe Imprint On Her Face

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 1st, 2023 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On December 26th, 2022, Officer McCurdy was dispatched to a fight in progress at Little B's Bar located on South Vernal Avenue. Call notes indicated that two females were fighting, and the bartender attempted to intervene.

Upon arrival, Officer McCurdy was notified by a bartender as she pointed to the individuals involved by saying there was a family dispute, and she pointed to female 1, saying, "she Beat the ever living shit out of her," pointing to female 2.

Officer McCurdy spoke with female 2 and 45-year-old Bonita Yvette Jenkins, who said that female 1s wife and female 2 got into an altercation while inside the bar after an argument regarding female 2s Probation Officer.

It was reported to law enforcement on the scene that female 2 was the first person to initiate the physical altercation, and she threw punches at female 1.

Officer McCurdy observed a fresh bite imprint on female 2s arm that was still bleeding.

Female 2 confirmed the bite mark was from female 1. Bonita said that she was attempting to separate the two parties while they were fighting. Officer McCurdy then spoke with female 1, who was outside the bar at this point.

While female 1 spoke, the Officer could smell the odor of alcohol coming from her.

Female 1 consented to the Portable Breath Test with results of .203 BrAC. Through a records check, it was discovered female 1 was currently on probation with Agent Ercanbrack with Adult Probation and Parole and is currently an alcohol-interdicted person.

While speaking with female 1, her face was observed to be red and swollen. Officer McCurdy saw a Converse logo shoe imprinted on the side of her face.

Officer McCurdy was able to observe security camera footage from inside the bar and saw words being exchanged among the three females involved while sitting at the bar.

Female 1 then strikes female 2 in the face with her right hand when she goes to walk away from the bar. Female 1 and female 2 continue to exchange words before female 1 approaches female 2 and strikes her in the face with her right hand.

The two females then engage in a physical altercation that goes to the ground near the entrance door to the bar.

While still engaging in a physical altercation, female 1, female 2, and Bonita can be seen on the security camera footage using her foot to stomp on female 1 in the face.

Bonita was not engaged in the altercation at this point, and there was no legitimate reason to use any force. The action was used with enough force to leave a Converse shoe logo imprinted on the face of female 1 from the bottom of Bonita's shoe.

Officer McCurdy determined there was probable cause to arrest Bonita for one count of aggravated assault for using unlawful force by kicking female 1 in the face causing bodily injury with the likely could of causing unconsciousness with the force to produce serious bodily injury.


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