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A female wrecks her vehicle, leaves the scene, then is found at home


Vernal, Ut.— On 1/21/24, at 1:43 am, Officer McCurdy was dispatched to a traffic accident at the intersection of 200 East and 600 South. Call notes stated a black vehicle had two tires knocked off and sustained damage with no one around.

Officer McCurdy arrived and discovered a severely damaged black Dodge Durango with Utah plates in the intersection facing northbound. No one was found inside the vehicle. While on the scene, drag marks led from the West, traveling East from the two passenger side wheels partially off the axle.

Officers also discovered burnout marks on the asphalt in the east side parking of the church at 235 East 600 South, indicating a vehicle was doing burnouts and doughnuts in the parking lot.

The tire and dig marks in the asphalt led out of the south exit of the church and then traveled eastbound.

Based on the tire marks, it was evident that the Durango left their lane of travel, colliding with an unoccupied pickup, causing extensive damage down the driver's side. According to reports

Officers were conducting a vehicle inventory of the Durango due to the accident and the hit-and-run. An open container of White Claw was located in the center console cup holder. Also, in the middle console was a package of THC chewables.

Near the driver's seat were keys and a wallet with the driver's ID cards. The driver was identified as 40-year-old Pamela Standing Chief. The registered owner lived at the Ashely Creek Village Apartments at 210 East 600 South. A records check of Pamela found that she lived at 419 East 600 South Apartments.

Officer McCurdy drove to the address of Pamela and was met by a male who stated she wasn’t home. The male said he was the previous owner of the Durango before he sold it to his mother recently.

The man stated that Pamela currently lives with his mother. The officer drove to that location, was advised that Pamela was home, and called for her. When Pamela entered the living room, she had a fresh laceration around her left eye that was beginning to swell and turn blue.

When Pamela was confronted about driving the Durango, she mentioned driving home from work. She then said she wanted to be honest and said, "I was high off my ass," and left the keys and wallet inside the car. Officer McCurdy determined there was probable cause that Pamela operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance.

Pamela was arrested and taken to the Ashley Regional Medical Center, where she consented to a blood draw and was transported to the Uintah County Jail.



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