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A female wanted for retail theft out of Provo, arrested in Naples

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 1st, 2023 | Warrant & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Naples, Ut.- On 3/2/23, Officer McGaha was searching for a female that had an arrest warrant out of Provo, Utah, for retail theft. He knew her to frequent her mother's house in Naples.

The Officer saw her vehicle parked and running with her in the driver's seat. Officer McGaha approached her and asked for her ID. The driver's license verified her identity as the same person with an arrest warrant out of Provo.

He asked her out of the car and informed her of the arrest warrant, and she appeared confused. She finished her cigarette, and Officer McGaha placed her in handcuffs and the back of his patrol truck.

He asked her if she needed anything from her car, and she said she wanted her phone. The Officer went to her car and saw some aluminum foil in the crevasse by the driver's seat with burn marks on it.

Officer McGaha asked 28-year-old Hannah Justine Webb if there were any narcotics or paraphernalia in her car. Hannah stated a meth pipe in the center console and more tin foil needed to be thrown away.

The Officer returned to the car and found the glass pipe with white powder inside consistent with methamphetamine and multiple tin foil sections with burn marks on them with a paper towel to cover the residue. A method of smoking pills (Chasing the Dragon). It leaves a burn trail on the foil. This method allows the consumer to inhale the smoke from the pill to get high.

Also found inside the car was a small baggie with marijuana flower and white crystal shard known as methamphetamine. There was a smoke buddy junior used to inhale substances to eliminate the odor, multiple plastic straws with burnt marks and residue inside throughout the vehicle, and a mini glass jar with white powder rock.

Hannah Webb was booked into the Uintah County Jail for possession of a controlled substance (meth), drug paraphernalia, and the Utah Statewide warrant.


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