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A female sleeping downstairs on the couch makes a male uncomfortable while trying to record music


Vernal, Ut.- On 8/6/23, Deputy Lyman was dispatched to Air Village on a report of a previously occurred domestic incident. Dispatch indicated that the reporting party stated she could not talk because someone was coming into her home, and then she hung up the phone.

With assistance from surrounding agencies, Deputy Lyman contacted 21-year-old Talen Ryker Jackson outside the residence.

Lyman went inside the home and spoke with the victim, who stated she and Talen had been drinking the night before. Talen was working on recording music, and the victim had decided to go to sleep.

The victim lay on the couch to sleep, and Talen became upset because she was downstairs. Talen began yelling at the victim to leave the basement, and she stated she was going to sleep so she could wake up with their daughter. It was 5:00 a.m. when the victim was attempting to go to bed.

There was a brief argument in which Talen screamed and yelled at the victim, saying she needed to leave and go upstairs because of her being downstairs. At the same time, he was recording made him uncomfortable due to the disagreements about the recordings. The victim had her phone recording audio during the incident, and Talen is heard screaming and yelling at the victim.

After the victim is heard saying, “I am sleeping on the couch where I normally sleep.”

Talen comes out and begins instructing the victim that she will leave and go upstairs, or he will drag her upstairs. Talen then starts counting down, stating he will drag her up the stairs, and claims he will not leave any evidence on the victim. Talen tells the victim to get off the couch, or he will drag her off the couch.

Talen then walks over to the victim and pulls her off the couch, causing her to slam into the wall. This was also captured on the audio recording. During the recording, you can hear a brief argument between Talen and the victim, and then you hear a slap and the victim saying Ouch! As well as "You can't slap me."

The victim confirmed that Talen had slapped her. In the audio, Talen continues yelling at the victim, saying she will sleep upstairs or out on the porch. The victim also stated that there is nowhere upstairs for her to sleep. The victim kept repeating she had nowhere to sleep and said she was sleeping downstairs on the couch. Talen stated he was not recording in front of her and told the victim, "I would rather beat the shit out of you than record in front of you, and I would rather beat you to a fucking pulp than record."

Talen Jackson was arrested and booked into the Uintah County jail for assault and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

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