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A female lies about her identity during a traffic stop, Deputy finds drugs & alcohol


Ballard, Ut. On 12/17/23, Deputy Fairey was patrolling in the area of 4000 East in Ballard when he observed a black Jeep SUV and ran the registration through the state database. The information returned that the vehicle registration had been canceled.

The Deputy conducted a traffic stop on the Jeep and made contact with the driver. A strong odor of marijuana was immediately detected coming from the passenger compartment.

The occupants inside the vehicle told Deputy Fairey that they recently bought the Jeep, and the plate was from the previous owner. The occupants stated that they hadn't yet been given the title and couldn't provide a bill of sale or any other documentation to show how long they had been in possession of the vehicle.

Deputy Fairey spoke to the female driver and asked for her identification. She stated that she didn't have her ID and admitted she didn't have a valid driver's license.

The driver provided the name of Rachel Cornpeach, DOB 9/5/85. The female hesitated while providing the information and started providing a different birth date. A check of the information was returned to a subject out of Ft. Duchesne with a DOB of 9/5/82, but the photograph attached to the driver's license record did not match the female driver.

The female driver was asked to step out of the vehicle to speak with the Deputy, and when she opened the door, a bottle of whiskey was seen in the driver's side door pocket. The driver was confronted about her identity, and she stated that her true identity was 39-year-old Tashea Rose Cornpeach.

Tashea was detained in handcuffs while the investigation of the traffic stop continued. A search of the vehicle was conducted, and an open bottle of Fireball whiskey was found in the driver's door pocket. The seal on the bottle had been broken, but the bottle appeared to be full.

A paper sack was located on the rear floorboard behind the front passenger seat. Inside the sack were napkins and a small blue Ziploc baggie. The baggie contained a fine white powder residue suspected to be meth.

Following the search, Tashea was asked if she wanted any personal items from the vehicle, and she requested the Deputy retrieve her phone and purse.

Before booking her into jail, Tashea was read her Miranda Rights and agreed to speak with Deputy Fairey about the traffic stop. Tashea told the Deputy she had recently been in rehabilitation for methamphetamine use.

Tashea was asked about the blue baggie with the napkins. She stated that she didn't know how the baggie had gotten there.

During her jail intake, jail staff searched Tashea's personal belongings. In her purse, jail staff found a small blue Ziploc baggie containing marijuana.


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