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A female fakes a seizure then attacks jail deputies


Vernal, Ut. (1/17/24) At around 10:30 pm, Cpl Harrison was assisting with a medical incident in the Booking area of the jail when one of the Inmates appeared to be having a seizure-type episode.

Deputy Davis, Deputy Morrell, Deputy Fairey, Deputy Simper, Cpl Harrison, and Nurse Brotherson were responding to help 39-year-old Marie Dawn Zelazny through the seizure-like episode.

Cpl Harrison and Deputy Davis grew suspicious of Marie's seizure due to how quickly she came out of it and that she was more responsive than what is expected in a seizure-like event.

Inmate Zelazny has a history of faking seizures, according to the affidavit. When Marie was confronted about the deputies suspicions. Inmate Zelazny became agitated, stood up from the floor, and charged toward Cpl Harrison.

Cpl Harrison caught Inmate Zelazny by her shoulders, stopping her from punching him. While holding her back, she began trying to kick the deputy in the groin, connecting three different times. Deputies Morrell, Fairey, and Davis all jumped in to assist with helping with Inmate Zelazny.

Inmate Zelazny made several attempts to scratch and bite all the deputies who were in the cell with her but only managed to scratch Deputy Davis on the back of her left arm.

Force was used on Inmate Zelazny to get her to the floor inside the cell and place her into handcuffs.

After being secured, the deputies carried Inmate Zelazny to the padded cell in Pre-booking.

Once in the cell, Inmate Zelazny continued trying to kick and scratch the deputies. Further force was used to remove the cuffs before deputies exited the cell. Deputies controlled her legs and arms while some of the deputies left the cell. Inmate Zelazny was ordered to stay on the floor until all the deputies left the cell.

The last deputy left the cell, and Inmate Zelazny immediately attempted to stand up to rush the door but couldn't get up fast enough. The cell door was shut, and Nurse Brotherson visually inspected Inmate Zelazny, observing no obvious injuries to her.

Inmate Zelazny was charged with two counts of assault by a prisoner.

Original Story:

Vernal, Ut. (1/11/24) Deputy Fairey made a traffic stop on a vehicle in the area of 1200 South and 2500 West in Uintah County and asked Deputy Russell for assistance. Deputy Fairey located the female's information and found that she was 39-year-old Crystal Marie Dawn Zelazny.

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