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A Deputy Stops A Vehicle For Expired Registration, Finds Marijuana and Meth


Lapoint, Ut.—March 14th, 2024, a light-colored Cadillac SUV was traveling near 11000 East 7000 North when Deputy Fairey observed the vehicle and ran the registration. It returned that the vehicle's registration had expired in July 2023.

After stopping the SUV, the deputy spoke with the female driver and immediately could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Deputy Fairey explained the reason for the traffic stop and asked for her identification. The driver provided her Utah driver's license, identifying her as 41-year-old Francisca Toni Accawanna.

Deputy Fairey checked her personal information and requested dispatch to see if she had a medical cannabis card. Dispatch indicated that Francisca had not been issued a medical card.

The deputy returned to speak with Francisca about the odor of marijuana, and she initially stated that there wasn't any in the vehicle and that she last used marijuana the day before.

Francisca was told that due to the strong odor, a search of her vehicle would be conducted. Francisca stated she tossed a THC vape pen into the back of the SUV, and the strong odor was because the vape pen had been leaking.

During the vehicle search, a small black sling bag was found on the rear passenger floorboard. Francisca saw that the deputy had it and told him it belonged to her son.

Upon opening the bag, a hinged case fell out, hitting the ground and spilling small baggies containing a white crystalline substance. The substance spilled out of the case, with Francisca trying to quickly pick up the baggies and conceal them.

Also in the sling bag were two large Ziploc bags labeled THC, a white medication-style container labeled THC, a container with THC cartridges for vape pens, and multiple drug paraphernalia items.

Francisca admitted that the sling bag was hers and told the deputy she put it on the floor while being pulled over. She stated the substance in the baggies was methamphetamine, and she used meth the day before. Francisca stated the other contents of the bag included marijuana items.

Before detaining Francisca, she was asked if she had any additional items on her person. She said she had a glass meth pipe in her pocket. She removed it and placed it on the hood of the patrol vehicle.

Francisca had previously checked herself into rehabilitation, and she had been clean prior to relapsing recently.

Francisca was arrested and transported to the Uintah County Jail.


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