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A Deputy runs a registration check, the vehicle returns with the owner having two arrest warrants


Ballard, Ut. On 12/11/23, Deputy Russell was patrolling in the Ballard area when he got behind a silver Mazda and ran the registration on the vehicle. It came back that the vehicle's insurance had not been updated since 9/23.

It also came back that two arrest warrants were attached to the license plate. One of the warrants was for the female, who was the registered owner, 32-year-old Kimirah D. Redfoot, for $1640 out of Uintah County Justice Court.

During a records check of Kimirah, she had a suspended driver's license for no insurance and must have an SR22.

Deputy Russell conducted a traffic stop at approximately 9:30 pm and approached the vehicle. When walking past the back driver's window, the Deputy could see a Mossberg gun box on the back seat.

The Deputy asked the female driver if her name was Kimirah, and she said she was. Kimirah was immediately requested to exit the vehicle. When she did, she was placed into handcuffs.

Kimirah was escorted to the back of Deputy Russell's patrol vehicle until Deputy Ouderkirk arrived to assist. Deputy Ouderkirk found several open alcohol containers inside the vehicle. A Mossberg shotgun was found in the back seat, and Kimirah claimed that her brother had just purchased the gun.

However, it was openly accessible in the backseat of the vehicle (a small passenger car), and a full box of shotgun shells, which were the same caliber as the shotgun, was directly beside the gun.

Kimirah was taken to Uintah County Jail, where she was booked through 8th District Court for the following charges:

Possession of a controlled substance (Methamphetamine), Possession of marijuana, Possession of paraphernalia, Operating a vehicle without insurance (SR22), operating a vehicle without insurance (Vehicle), driving with a suspended DL, and opening a container of alcohol on the highway.

Possession of a firearm by a restricted person because Kimirah has a history of drug use and was in Possession of Methamphetamine at the time of the stop.

Because of 58-17-8(4) the Possession of Methamphetamine, marijuana, and paraphernalia, these charges will be enhanced because they were within 100 feet of school property at the time of the stop.


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