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A call came into 911 saying a man was hallucinating and stumbling around the house


Vernal, Ut. (1/14/24) On Sunday, Vernal Police were dispatched to a residence on a possible overdose. A caller called in and stated that a male was hallucinating and stumbling around the house.

Officer Murray arrived on scene and noticed the front door was slightly open. He knocked and announced himself multiple times before entering the home with Sgt Gledhill, Cpl Randall, and Officer Maughan. Officer Murray announced himself again and made entry into the residence and down the hallway.

Upon Officer Murray's last announcement, the officers received a garbled response. A man came tripping and fumbling down the hallway, using the walls to hold himself up while muttering and looking around blankly.

When the officers got to the home's foyer, 42-year-old Eric Mitchell Bowden muttered and asked the officers what they were doing in his house. Officer Murray said he could smell the odor of alcohol on Eric before he began to speak. Once Eric started to speak, the smell of alcohol intensified.

Eric began to become agitated while the police tried to talk with him. Eric continued to reach out and tried to grab and poke at Sgt Gledhill. Bowden balled up his fists and tensed up his body like he was going to fight. Officer Murray believed Eric was a danger not only to himself but also to the officers.

Eric Bowden was arrested and searched before they had him put his shoes on and escorted him outside to a patrol truck. Eric was then transported to Uintah Basin Healthcare. At the UBH, Erick was combative and belligerent inside the exam room.

Bowden told the officers that he had a 12 gauge shotgun and a Desert Eagle ready in his bedroom. He then tried to sit up and get off the bed. Officer Murray called for his assisting officer to come to the room to have Eric cuffed back to the bed. Erick Proceeded to kick the assisting officer, striking him in the chest.

Erick told the assisting officer that he was going to shoot him from 800 yards away. Erick calmed down, was medically cleared, and then was transported to the Uintah County Jail.


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