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A 29-Year-Old Vernal Man With A History Of Domestic Violence, Sexually Abuses A 14-Year-Old Girl

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 27th, 2022 | Domestic Violence, Drugs, and Sexual Abuse |

By Travis Uresk


Strider Thomas Leverton Charged with Sexual Abuse

Vernal, Ut.- On March 18, 2022, 29-year-year-old Strider Thomas Leverton showed and made a 14-year-old girl watch pornography. Strider then pulled his pants down and asked if she wanted to touch him.

Later that same day, he asked the young female if he could pop her back. After he popped her back, Strider grabbed the girl's butt, touched her between her legs, and touched her vagina over her clothes with his hand.

Later that same night, Strider caught the young female trying to sneak out of the home. Strider stopped her, told her to come into his room, where he was watching porn, and pulled off his blanket, revealing he was naked.

Strider then made the 14-year-old girl rub his genitals and perform oral sex on him. Leverton pulled her pants down and put his finger inside her vagina. All of these actions were done without the victim's consent.


Strider Thomas Leverton Charged with Domestic Violence

Vernal, Ut.- On February 26, 2019, Sergeant Mike Gledhill spoke with a female victim at the Vernal City Police Department. The victim stated that she is currently pregnant with a child and that the father is Strider Thomas Leverton.

The victim also has a four-year-old daughter, who was present at the time of the incident.

Sergeant Gledhil was told that Strider had stopped living with the victim approximately two weeks ago. On this date, the victim and Strider were stopped in front of Strider's mother's residence.

The two were arguing, and during the verbal altercation, Strider was upset and punched the vehicle's dash multiple times, causing damage to the dash where the airbag was located on the passenger side.

The victim stated that her daughter began to cry when this was taking place. Sergeant Gledhil was told that the vehicle belonged to the victim's father and had been given to her.

Sergeant Gledhil photographed the damaged dash, responded to Leverton's home, and made contact with Strider.

Sergeant Gledhil asked Strider what had happened, and he admitted to being in an argument with the victim and punching the dash. Strider also admitted that the victim's daughter was present and began to cry. Strider was placed under arrest.

Strider Thomas Leverton Charged with Domestic Violence, Again

Strider Thomas Leverton at the Vernal Christian Church. I have asked a couple of people that go to this church, and they have said they don't know him and have never seen him there before

Vernal, Ut.- On 11/25/2019, Deputy Cody Russell was dispatched to a domestic in Uintah County. When Deputy Leishman and Deputy Russell arrived, they contacted the victim, who stated that Strider Thomas Leverton had been to her residence earlier that evening to watch their son.

She said Strider and her had been in an argument, and Strider left the residence. She had asked Strider to return to the home so they could talk and work things out. The victim said when Strider returned to the residence, he called her on the phone and told her if she wanted to talk, she could come outside, so the kids did not have to see them argue.

The victim said the argument continued in the car and escalated when she told Strider to leave. She said she exited the vehicle at the same time Strider got out. The victim said Strider came to her side of the car, grabbed her by the throat, and slammed her against the back of the vehicle.

The victim stated Strider then got in his vehicle and left, and she returned inside her home.

Deputy Russell contacted Strider by phone, and he agreed to meet and speak to him.

Deputy Russell met Strider at his residence and asked to tell him about what had been going on earlier tonight. Strider said he had gone to watch his son at the victim's house, and while there, they had gotten into an argument, but he left the residence.

Strider said the victim had called and asked him to come back and talk to her.

Strider said he returned to the residence but called and asked her to come outside to talk, so the kids didn't have to hear them argue. Strider confirmed the argument escalated in the vehicle, and both he and the victim exited. He grabbed her and pushed her against the vehicle.

Strider said he then left the home, and the victim went inside.

Strider was arrested and booked into the Uintah County Jail for assault and domestic violence.

Strider Thomas Leverton Charged with Drugs

Vernal, Ut.- On Saturday, 05/01/2021, Deputy Jason Angus was serving a summons for Strider Thomas Leverton, date of birth 08/30/1993.

Deputy Angus served the summons and also ran Strider for warrants. Dispatch informed him that Strider had six total warrants. Five were local, and one was out of the jurisdiction.

Strider was placed under arrest for the five local warrants, and the out-of-jurisdiction warrant was advised.

While searching Strider before placing him in the patrol vehicle, Deputy Angus found a glass pipe in Strider's right front pocket. Strider admitted that the pipe had marijuana inside.

Strider was booked into the Uintah County jail for the warrants and the new charges of possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

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