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A 20-year-old male switches seats with a female to get away with a DUI


Vernal, Ut.- On 1/22/24, at 10:45 pm near 800 West 500 South, two vehicles were traveling westbound on 500 South. The second vehicle was following the first vehicle extremity close. The second vehicle moved into oncoming traffic to pass the first vehicle on a double yellow line.

The vehicle pulled into a parking lot at 1140 West 500 South. After the vehicle came to a stop, it started rocking and bouncing around as though more than one person was moving around inside.

Cpl Johnstun approached the driver's side and saw a female in the driver's seat. She was requested to roll down the back passenger window due to all the movement in the vehicle. There was only one male in the front passenger seat and no occupants in the back seat.

Cpl Johnstun noticed multiple cans of an alcoholic beverage on the floor and in the cup holder.

The driver was a 16-year-old female, and the male passenger was identified as 20-year-old Travis Anthony Hislop.

A records check showed the female had a valid license, and Travis was suspended for an alcohol offense as well as being an alcohol-restricted person and having an ignition interlock requirement.

The female was asked to exit the vehicle to speak with the officer. She said that both she and Travis had been drinking alcohol. When questioned about all the movement inside the car, she stated that Travis made her switch seats with him when they got pulled over because he wasn't supposed to be driving.

Cpl Johnstun then spoke with Travis, and he denied consuming any alcohol and that he hadn't been driving. Travis denied being the driver multiple times. While talking with Travis, the officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol emitting from his breath. When asked how much he had to drink, he said he had a few beers.

Travis continued to deny driving and was requested to submit to a field sobriety test, but he refused.

Cpl Johnstun determined there was probable cause that Travis had been the driver of the vehicle, had consumed alcohol, and was under the age of 21.

Travis was then arrested and placed in the rear seat of the patrol vehicle.

Cpl Johnstun asked if the female was driving, and Travis stated she was. Travis said, "If I was driving, I would say so. I mean, I'll say it, like I was driving, like I'll take it, and I'm not going to put the blame on her."

Travis was asked who was driving when I (Cpl Johnstun) saw them overtake the other vehicle, and he said, "I'll answer that in court.”

Travis then stated he didn't want to answer any more questions and wanted to speak with a lawyer.

The female asked if she could get her phone out of the vehicle, and Cpl Johnstun accompanied her to retrieve it. Her cell phone was on the passenger seat between the seat and the back of the seat where Travis was seen sitting.

The female's vehicle returned to the scene, and Cpl Johnstun contacted the driver. He said he had been driving the female's car when he was passed by Travis's vehicle.

The officer asked the male who was driving the suspect's vehicle, and he indicated Travis was driving. The male was then asked where the female was sitting, and the male stated she may have been driving, but he wasn't sure. The male stated that the female and Travis had left the apartment they were at before the traffic stop. After he did so, he wasn't sure who was driving but it was probably Travis.

Travis was read the DUI admonition, and he consented to a breath test. A breath test was conducted, and the results on the Intoxilyzer 9000 showed Travis had a BrAC of 0.118%.


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