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A Deputy called to a single-vehicle rollover; when he arrived on scene, there was no vehicle


Ballard, Ut. (1/18/24) Deputy Lyman was dispatched to a single-vehicle rollover at 1695 East 3000 North in Ballard. The Deputy responded to the location and found where the accident occurred and where the vehicle landed when overturned. There were several empty beer cans and also a box of alcohol that was partially emptied. There was oil in the borrow ditch where the vehicle overturned.

Just before Deputy Lyman arrived, it was reported that the vehicle had been turned back on its tires and had left the area.

A Roosevelt Police Officer who had been called to assist had seen the Ford F-350 just down the street at 2600 North 1500 East. This vehicle matched the description of the vehicle the police were looking for, and this truck was smoking.

RPD responded and found a male in the driver's seat. At this time, Deputy Lyman arrived on the scene and made contact with the male, identified as 48-year-old Dwayne Scott Hinson.

Deputy Lyman asked Dwayne if he was okay, and he wanted to know why the Deputy had asked that question. Dwayne was then asked if he had been in an accident, and he stated he had not been in an accident. Lyman observed Dwayne having blood on his shirt and freshly dried blood on the side of his head. The blood on the side of his head was dried on the edges and crusty, and the area near the wound was still bright red, wet, and slightly bleeding.

Deputy Lyman called the complainant, who had seen the accident and reported it, to describe the driver. The driver was described as a male with facial hair, slightly overweight, wearing a ball cap, glasses, and blue fire-retardant clothing. This matched the description of Dwayne.

While walking Dwayne to the ambulance, Deputy Lyman could smell the odor of alcohol coming from his person.

EMS evaluated Dwayne while Deputy Nelson sat with him. While speaking with EMS, Dwayne stated he was the only one involved in the accident and claimed that the blood on his shirt was from elk hunting earlier that day.

Dwayne had been placed into custody, and Deputy Lyman conducted a pre-impound vehicle inventory. Three firearms were found. The three guns were a shotgun, a rifle, and a pistol. All three weapons were loaded and easily accessible to the driver.

Dwayne was rendered unsafe to operate a vehicle and transported to the Uintah County Jail.

At the jail, Dwayne was advised of his rights and requested a blood draw to determine the amount of alcohol in his system. He refused and was read his refusal admonition. Dwayne continued to refuse to provide a blood sample.

A warrant was submitted and approved to collect Dwayne's blood, and after receiving a copy of the warrant, Dwayne still refused to cooperate and let medical staff collect his blood sample.

Dwayne Hinson had one prior conviction for DUI, and his license was canceled.

Sex Offender


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