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Sex offender arrested for violating a protective order

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- Around noon on 7/26/23, a report came in that a male had contacted a victim the night before, calling her names and telling her "she was lucky he didn't beat her to a bloody pulp."

Sgt. Bird checked to make sure there was still an active protective order between the two. Which came back there was from the 3rd District Court. The victim stated that 49-year-old Vance Daniel Aguilar was behind Christopher's Steak House West of Roosevelt in the trailer park.

Sgt. Bird drove to the trailer park and saw Vance standing outside of a trailer. Bird approached Vance and placed him under arrest for violating the protective order.

Vance was transported to the UBMC ER for medical clearance. While at the hospital, Vance fell on the floor, and after some tests, he was admitted to the hospital for further evaluation.

Vance was not able to be booked into jail on the 26th, but on the 27th, Sgt. Bird returned to the UBMC and placed him under arrest again when he was released from the hospital. Vance was then transported to the Duchesne County Jail.


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