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RPD Dispatched To A Trespassing Call, Female Was Arrested For A Warrant And Kicking The Officer

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 6th, 2023 | Warrant & Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On December 29, 2022, Officer Cody Barton was dispatched to a trespassing call at 71 South 400 East apartments in Roosevelt City, Utah.

The complainant stated that two females were there and were not allowed to be at the apartment.

Officer Barton attempted to contact them, and nobody answered the door. He pulled away from the apartment complex and observed a female, who was later identified as 31-year-old Kinashaw Shanay Lenity Austin taking belongings and putting them in a white SUV that pulled up after Officer Barton left the parking lot.

Officer Barton made contact with Kinashaw and told her that the person living there had called in and said that she and the other female were not allowed there.

Kinashaw said that she had just pulled up in the white SUV. Officer Barton witnessed the SUV pull up, and clearly, she did not just arrive at the apartment. The Officer asked for her name and birthday, and Kinashaw refused to give it to him at first.

Kinashaw then and Officer Barton ran her information through dispatch and was advised that Kinashaw Austin had a statewide warrant out of 8th District Court in Roosevelt for $500.00.

Officer Barton attempted to place Kinashaw under arrest, and she kept jerking her right arm away from me. Officer Barton was able to put handcuffs on Kinashaw and double-lock them. Kinashaw then began to resist arrest, pull away, and not walk as he instructed her to do.

Kinashaw then kicked him in the right knee. Kinashaw continued resisting and would not get into his patrol vehicle willingly. With assistance from other officers, they placed Kinashaw into Officer Barton's patrol vehicle and transported her to the UBMC ER.

Kinashaw continued resisting and fighting with the medical staff. Kinashaw was medically cleared and transported to the Duchesne County Jail.

Officer Barton performed inventory on Kinashaw's backpack she was wearing and located three syringes, and one had suspected heroin inside of it. He also found a scale, a marijuana pipe, and a clear container with a residue of something inside of it.

Officer Barton took possession of the suspected heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Kinashaw was booked into the Duchesne County Jail for Assault by a prisoner, Interfering with arresting Officer, and possession of a controlled substance (Heroin) that was enhanced a degree due to prior convictions. Possession of drug paraphernalia and the warrant she had out for her arrest.


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