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Roosevelt Police get a call about a female acting strangely at Maverick

Roosevelt, Ut. On 12/22/23, at 10:30 am, a call came into dispatch from the Maverick store at 17 W US-40 of a female who was acting strangely.

Officer Knight arrived on the scene and spoke with the female, who was identified as 21-year-old Siana Daelyn Scott. Siana stated that she was running from sex traffickers and Cartel members.

Siana said she had come to the Roosevelt area the night before and was trying to get back to Salt Lake City to escape the Traffickers and Cartel that was following her. Siana began to point at various people in the Maverick and said all the people she was pointing at were part of the sex trafficking ring.

Officer Knight asked her to call someone to come and get her, and Siana stated that she felt unsafe at the gas station. The Officer took her to the Police Station so she could use the phone to try and find a ride out of Roosevelt. Several hours passed, and she couldn't find anyone to take her back to Salt Lake.

Officer Knight gave her a ride back to Maverick at around 2:30 pm. At around 3:00 pm, Siana called back in to dispatch several times, reporting that the Cartel was still after her. Officer Knight went back to speak with her again.

When Officer Knight arrived, he saw her standing by the main road, waving her hands and yelling. She appeared to be in an altered mental state and appeared to be under the influence of some narcotics. Siana stated that she wasn't, but she kept looking around the area and pointing at people driving by the gas station, stating they were after her.

Siana also pointed and asked about things that weren't there. Officer Knight tried multiple times to explain that the people driving by were random and that the things she saw were not there. Siana kept repeating various vehicles driving by, and the things she was seeing were Cartel members and sex traffickers.

Siana was arrested for intoxication and misuse of 911. Officer Knight took Siana to the Uintah Basin Medical Center for medical clearance. After the medical clearance, Siana was placed back into the patrol car, and Officer Knight went back inside the hospital into Siana's room to check if she threw anything in the garbage can or left anything on the floor.

The nurses found a small blue pill on the floor, and Knight used the pill finder website to determine what the pill could be, and it came back as Oxycodone.

The Officer could see Siana moving around in the back seat of the patrol vehicle in the rear camera and stopped at the Police Station. He opened the door to ask Siana what she was doing, and she handed him a small plastic bag with a white crystal residue consistent with methamphetamine and stated that she had swallowed narcotics that she had pulled out of her vagina.

Siana said she swallowed four Blues and two Xanax and ate methamphetamine. Siana said the Blues were Fentanyl. Officer Knight took Siana back to the UBMC for a second medical clearance. The hospital staff began to remove her clothes, and a glass pipe with meth residue fell out of her pocket.

After the second medical clearance, Siana Scott was taken to the Duchesne County Jail and booked on the charges of intoxication, emergency reporting abuse, possession of a controlled substance, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia.


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