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Richfield Man Charged With Aggravated Sexual Abuse Of A Child

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 18th, 2022 | Sex Abuse |

By Travis Uresk


Richfield, Ut.- On September 14, 2020, Officer Pallesen was made aware of possible sexual abuse that was reported to the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS).

Officer Pallesen could interview a 12-year-old female at the Children's Justice Center with her mother's permission. During the interview, the victim disclosed that 44-year-old Laneal Arthur Nelson sexually abused her.

The victim explained further that on or about May 12 or early morning hours on 13th, 2020, Leneal entered her room, sat on her bed, and began to rub her back and side around her waist. After rubbing her side, the victim described Laneal's hand going down the back of her pants and under her underwear, rubbing her butt.

The victim described his hand going up her shirt, rubbing her breasts, and then down, rubbing her private area. After Laneal rubbed her private area, he got up and said, "By the way, Happy Birthday," and walked out of the room.

She said the next time it happened was in July, and she described this as the night before the new Pokemon movie came out. She said the same actions: a massage, Laneal's hand down her pants and a finger in her butt, then touching her boobs and a rub around her private area.

The 12-year-old girl said from July to the current time, incidents like this have happened at least three more times, and of these next three times, Laneal also escalated to penetration of her private area with his finger. She told Officer Pallesen that two nights before her interview on September 15, he came into her room and started to massage her, but she sat up and did not want him to massage her.

During the interview with the victim, her sister was picked up by Laneal from school. It was later learned during this time when Laneal picked up the victim’s sister from school, he told her that the victim was telling people he touched her.

The sister said Laneal was getting angry. She could tell by his facial expressions and the tone of his voice. Laneal told her not to say anything and asked, you'll stand up for me, right, and say nothing happened?

Officer Pallesen was given permission by the sister’s mother to pick up and transport the 15-year-old female.

Officer Pallesen responded to the area of the family residence and transported her back to the Children's Justice Center. During the interview, she did not disclose any abuse.

While Officer Pallesen was at the Police Department where Laneal agreed to go with other Officer's.

Officer Pallesen was talking to him post-Miranda. He got a phone call from his wife asking to be picked up from the Children's Justice Center; he advised when he was with the police and would be there as soon as possible.

While Officer Pallesen was leaving the interview room, Laneal made a phone call. He then hung up and looked physically sick. When Officer Pallesen re-entered the interview room, Laneal told me he thought he would like to have an attorney present. He asked if he could go get his shit from his house. No further questions were asked of Laneal.

After the interview, it was reviewed, and audio picked up audio from the phone call he made. His wife told Laneal to tell the police what you have done to the girls. After Laneal heard this, his body language appeared to be sick.

DCFS obtained a removal warrant for the girls. During this removal, the victim's mother advised the child she did not disclose everything that had happened to her during the initial interview. A second interview was done at the CJC the same evening with the victim’s mom's permission.

During this interview, at about the 12-minute mark, the victim made a disclosure. She said Laneal had come into her room late at night. She was unsure of the time but knew it was late and began rubbing her back. Then Laneal's hand went down her pants on her butt, and then she said, "He stuck his finger in my “asshole."

She continued; after that, he would rub and squeeze her boobs, go to her private area, and put his finger inside her vagina. She used a finger motion with her index finger.

She said this went on for 5-10 minutes. The victim said this type of touching started in maybe March 2020 and continued about once a month for at least three months. During this time, she talked about Laneal, suggesting to her how to shave her pubic hair. She showed shapes with her hands.

The little girl also said she was picked up from school by Laneal, this was unexpected, and on the way home, Laneal told her that her sister was telling the police about him touching her.

Laneal told her, "you will not tell on me and would stand up for me, right?" She said he felt like she had to because Laneal was getting angry because his voice was louder and the tone had changed.


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