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Police Search For The Driver Of A White Kia Stinger That Has Been Evading Them For Weeks


| Uintah County | April 19th-25th, 2024 |

On April 19th, at around 10:30 am, a UHP trooper was stationary on US-40 near milepost 163 when a white passenger car traveling westbound failed to have a front license plate.

Trooper Ryan turned around and noticed the license plate was the new black and white historical Utah plate. The trooper couldn't make out any letters or numbers on the plate, so he turned on his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop.

The vehicle rapidly sped ahead of the trooper. His front radar showed the speed of the car going 152 mph in a 65 mph zone. Trooper Ryan's speed was 142 mph, and the car was still created distance.

The trooper notified central dispatch he was in a pursuit and activated his siren. The white vehicle continued to pull away from the trooper. These speeds continued for three miles and getting close to the town of Jensen, and Trooper Ryan advised dispatch he was terminating the pursuit.

Trooper Ryan pulled to the side of the road, turned off the lights and siren, and let dispatch know the last known location and direction of travel. The trooper continued to follow in the same direction to verify the vehicle didn't crash. The vehicle was not found at this time.

The trooper took a screenshot of the vehicle from his dash cam and sent the picture to other troopers, who identified the vehicle as a KIA Stinger. The Stinger has very identifiable markings on the vehicle, such as two vents on the hood, four vents on the front bumper, and factory KIA wheels. A Google image search of a white KIA Stinger showed the vehicle that evaded Trooper Ryan.

Trooper Ryan spoke with several different Uintah County Deputies, one of whom was Deputy Fairey. He stated that he had a white Stinger run from him a couple of different times over a period of a few weeks, and it also had the same historical black-and-white plates.

Deputy Fairey stated that the registered owner of the Stinger is 26-year-old Jason Alexander Jones, and where he works. The deputy also said he has also cited Jason for possession of marijuana in the past.

Trooper Ryan went to Jason's place of work and saw the same car that fled from him and a male walking into Walmart that matched the physical description of the person on his computer.

The trooper approached the male and asked if he was Jason, to which he answered, "Yes." Jason was asked what he had been doing all day, and he stated he had been sleeping and had just barely arrived at work. Jason was also asked if he had been driving around, to which he replied, "No."

Jason stated he lives in Lapoint, and when asked if he owns a white Stinger, he said yeah.

Trooper Ryan explained to Jason that earlier in the day, he had a white Stinger with tinted windows evade from a traffic stop. Jason was asked if he had lent out his car or let anyone else drive, and he stated no because he doesn't trust anyone to drive it.

The next day, Trooper Ryan called the Cannabis store in Dinosaur, Colorado, and spoke to the Manager. He told her he was investigating an incident and asked if she had video cameras facing their parking lot. The Manager stated that they did, and the trooper asked if he could review the video to verify if a white KIA Stinger had come to their shop that morning.

The Manager said she could check their system to see if a particular person came in. She advised they are required to scan everyone's ID to verify age. The trooper told her who his suspect was, and she informed him she would call him back when she had the information.

The Manager called the trooper back and said Jason's ID was scanned at 10:13 am on April 19th, and he completed a purchase at 10:15 am. The Utah-Colorado border on US-40 is at milepost 174. The town of Dinosaur is approximately 3 miles east of the Utah-Colorado border on US-40. Trooper Ryan attempted the traffic stop at 10:33 am at milepost 163, which means it took him approximately 18 minutes to travel 15 miles. If you traveled at the speed limit of 65 MPH, it would take around 14 minutes to travel 15 miles.

On April 24th, Trooper Ryan met with the Manager of the cannabis store in Colorado, and he received a copy of the video from April 19th. The Manager also provided a copy of the ID scan of Jason's driver's license and a copy of the receipt of Jason's purchase at 10:15 am.

In the video, a white KIA Stinger with tinted windows and no front plate pulls into the back parking lot. A male matching Jason's description gets out of the driver's side and then walks into the store's front door. A few minutes later, he walks out, gets in the same white car, and leaves the parking lot.

On April 25th, Trooper Ryan was watching the front doors of Jason's work when he walked out. The trooper approached him and said he had a couple of questions. Trooper Ryan read Jason's Miranda Rights and asked if he would speak with him. Jason said, "You can talk to my attorney."

Jason Jones was arrested and transported to the Uintah County Jail.

A criminal history check of Jason showed he was charged with two counts of failure to stop/respond at the command of police in 2021 and convicted on one of those charges.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read.


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