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A Vehicle Stopped For A Headlight Out, Vehicle Not Registered With Sex Offender Registry


| Vernal, Ut. | May 5th, 2024 |

At approximately 11:45 pm, a Vernal City Police Officer was patrolling US-40 near 2100 West when a vehicle traveling eastbound with one headlight passed by. The officer turned around and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle for the equipment violation.

Cpl Johnstun contacted the driver, who was identified as 21-year-old Seymone Gonzalez by his Utah Learner Permit.

Seymone stated the vehicle belonged to him but was registered to his brother. The Corporal conducted a records check, which returned that Seymone was registered on the Utah Sex Offender Registry, but the vehicle he was driving was not listed on his registration.

Cpl Johnstun asked Seymone how long he had the vehicle, and he said three months. Seymone was then asked why the vehicle was not on his Sex Offender Registration, and he changed his story and stated that the vehicle didn't belong to him and would be his once he got a valid driver's license.

At this time, Cpl Johnstun determined there was enough probable cause Seymone had committed a sex offender registry violation by failing to register the vehicle within three business days of the day of a change in the offender's vehicle change information.

Seymone was arrested and asked if he had anything illegal in his possession, and he stated he did not. He was then taken to the Uintah County Jail.

At the jail, Seymone was searched by Jail Deputies, who located a plastic bag containing five pills in his sock and another plastic bag containing five pills in Seymone's underwear. The pills were found to be Morphine, and Seymone indicated he did not have a prescription for the drugs.

Seymone Gonzalez was booked into jail for violation of the Sex Offender Registry, possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Seymone was later released.

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