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Police Receive An ATL For A Possible DUI Leaving The Liquor Store


| Naples, Ut. | April 30th, 2024 |

Officer McGaha was on patrol when an Attempt To Locate (ATL) was dispatched for a DUI driver leaving the State Liquor Store.

A plate number was provided, and the registration returned to 38-year-old Jason McArthur Angus. The officer stated he knew Jason from previous dealings with him.

The complainant stated the driver was stumbling when entering the liquor store, his eyes were bloodshot, and he couldn't maintain his balance. The staff stated he is a daily regular at the store, and when the clerk refused to sell Jason a pint of Captain Morgan, even after asking her several times to sell him the liquor, He stated he was having a PTSD moment and walked out of the liquor store.

Officer McGaha located Jason and watched him fail to fully come to a stop at the stop sign, make a wide turn, and park at an angle on the grass, where a traffic stop was initiated.

Jason was asked to step out of the vehicle, but he continued to look for his insurance, which had not been asked for yet. Jason kept looking for his insurance and wouldn't exit his vehicle. When asked what he was looking for, Jason slurred his insurance. He went through his paperwork three or four times before being told he wouldn't be asked again to exit the vehicle.

Jason had his dog with him and was asked to take it into the residence. He slid out of the truck and stumbled into the house. Jason put the dog down and stood inside the residence for a minute, not following Officer McGaha back to the patrol vehicle. Jason had to be escorted to the patrol truck.

Officer McGaha said to Jason that he knew the following steps and then asked him if he would perform the voluntary SFST's, and he stated he would not. The officer asked, since he was prior law enforcement and knew the process, if he would blow into the BAC, and he stated he would not.

The officers could smell the odor coming from Jason's breath and placed him into custody for DUI. Jason's vehicle was impounded, so pictures of it and its contents were taken.

Jason was taken to the UBMC, where a search warrant for his blood was applied for. During the entire contact with Jason, he was in and out of alertness, and Officer McGaha performed a sternum rub to get him to respond.

The search warrant was approved and read to Jason. An evidence kit was retrieved from the officer's patrol truck, and Jason was escorted into the hospital, where two vials of blood were drawn from Jason's arm.

Jason Angus was then transported to the Uintah County Jail and booked for 1st DUI in 10 years. A criminal history check returned prior arrests but no DUI convictions.

Jason Angus was later released.

All the articles that come from are from the affidavits & probable cause reports that the officers write. If you would like you can get a copy of the report from the website below. It does cost money to open every document you want to read.

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