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Neighbors get into a fight because one neighbor gets called a “Meth head.”

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 7/6/23, Deputy Ouderkirk responded to a report of an assault at 2151 West 700 South, where he met with the reporting victim of the altercation.

The Deputy spoke with the reporting person's son and her friend (the offender).

While speaking with the group, the Deputy learned that they were confronted by their neighbor (the victim) and had been called "Meth heads."

The neighbor was persistent with his verbal taunts, and the offender became increasingly upset. The offender, 46-year-old Justin Travis Cunningham, then engaged with the victim, taunting him to begin a fight.

Eventually, the victim stepped off his property and onto the reporting party's property, where he then shoved the offender. Justin punched the other, and the victim's daughter tried to separate the two.

In doing so, she was punched in the face by Justin, though based on all accounts, it seemed it was not intentional.

Based on all the facts gathered on the scene, which were corroborated by all involved parties, by video of the altercation, and based on the injuries sustained. Justin Cunningham was arrested for one count of assault and one count of child abuse.

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