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McDonald's employee beats female where her face is swollen, open wounds, and needs stitches


Vernal, Ut.- On 8/22/23, Cpl. Johnstun was called to an assault detail at 295 North 120 West. He was advised by dispatch that the complainant reported that 43-year-old Michael Wayne Eades was beating the victim.

Johnstun was also advised the complainant had received photos of the victim's face, which was swollen and had open wounds. It was reported that alcohol was believed to be involved, and it was possible there could be weapons present, along with two small children.

Cpl. Johnstun had prior knowledge that the victim and Michael were formerly in a relationship, and they shared two children. Michael was an alcohol interdicted person and had swords inside his residence.

When Johnstun responded to the residence, he could hear Michael speaking inside the residence but couldn't tell what he was saying. The Officer could see someone peeking out of the apartment's front window, so he knocked on the door several times, and nobody would answer.

Other Officers could see Michael through a back window and yelled at Michael to go to the door. He then came to the front door and opened it. Johnstun asked Michael if the victim was there, and he indicated he would send her out.

Cpl. Johnstun could see the victim down the hallway looking distressed. Johnstun called out to her, and Michael began to shut the door, and the victim started running out the door. She pointed to her bottom lip, which had blood on it, indicating the injury came from Michael, and asked the Cpl to get Michael out so her kids would be safe.

It was noted that Michael has threatened to kill Cpl. Johnstun and other Officers during prior incidents.

Michael was standing in the doorway and was asked to come outside, but he refused and stated Cpl. Johnstun could go inside to talk to him. Johnstun entered the home and asked what had happened. Michael indicated he was asleep until Officers arrived and woke him up.

That was not true because the police could hear and see Michael talking inside the residence before they knocked on the door. Michael stated he didn’t do anything and showed Johnstun his hands. He had blood smeared on his right hand and wrist, with scabs on his knuckles, which he indicated he got from working at McDonald's. While speaking with Michael, Cpl. Johnstun could tell he was intoxicated by his slurred speech and bloodshot eyes and the strong odor of alcohol emitting from his breath.

Michael was asked again to step outside, and he refused and stated he didn't do anything and wasn't going to jail. He then stated he felt like he needed to have an attorney. Michael was asked several more times to step outside, and he kept refusing.

Michael turned and began walking toward the back bedroom. Cpl. Johnstun became concerned because Michael had access to weapons inside the room. Johnstun followed him down the hallway and placed him in handcuffs.

While walking Michael to a patrol vehicle, he was passively resistant and continued not to follow directions. He was placed in Cpl. Johnstun's patrol vehicle so he could continue to investigate the incident. Michael began yelling and beating his head on the patrol vehicle's window and was transported to the Uintah County Jail by another Officer.

While speaking with the victim about what had happened, she stated that Michael asked her to watch the children while he was with his girlfriend. She called Michael to ask about what medicine to give to the children. The victim said Michael returned to the residence about 20 minutes later and was intoxicated.

Michael was yelling at the victim, saying she messed things up between him and his girlfriend. He punched the victim twice in the face and threw a laundry basket at her. Cpl. Johnstun saw a large laceration on the inside of her lip. The victim was evaluated by EMS and was advised she would need stitches in her mouth.

The victim stated she had called her boyfriend and put her phone on speakerphone to try to get help. Her boyfriend called the police. The victim stated Michael threatened to kill her when Officers arrived and knocked on the door. Michael made the victim clean up her face and hands because there was blood all over them, and Michael then told her that if he was arrested, he would kill her.

Based on the information, Michael was booked into the Uintah County Jail for assault with substantial bodily injury, two counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child, threats of violence, intoxication, unlawful consumption of alcohol by an interdicted person, and interference with arresting Officer.


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