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Jensen man arrested for threatening voicemails and text messages

By Travis Uresk


Jensen, Ut.- On 7/3/23, Naples City Police Officer Gray met with a female who showed him some text and voicemail messages from 60-year-old Randel J. Hacking, depicting threats of violence.

The messages quoted in the affidavit don't make much sense, but here they are.

The messages stated, "I will if out who you with then death." as well as, "I'd like to talk to you before I flip my (unknown), but you have been talking to die, and I know who it is so you better tread lightly" and "Hi would you call me back cause I'm going hunting and I'm going to find out what the (unknown) is going on firepower now, now you're in my shoes."

The female said Randel had been over to their residence a day or two before, retrieved his guns, and sent her a message saying he had purchased another handgun recently.

Officer Gray contacted Hacking on the phone, who told the Officer to "Kiss his ass" and then hung up on the Officer.

Gray went to the Outlaw Trailer Park in Jensen and located Hacking sitting on the steps of a camp trailer. Hacking told Officer Gray to leave, and Gray told Hacking to stand up and put his hands behind his back because he was under arrest.

Hacking refused to stand up, and the Officer grabbed his arm to get him off the steps to place him in handcuffs.

Hacking smelled of alcohol, and he stated he had been drinking all day. Officer Gray performed a portable breath test, showing his alcohol content at .314 BrAC.

Hacking was transported to the UBC hospital for medical clearance and then taken to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on threat of violence and intoxication.


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