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Fruitland man seen trespassing and removing headstones, female gets arrested for warrants

By Travis Uresk


Fruitland, Ut.- On 8/13/23, Deputy Hunter was dispatched to a trespassing and theft call in the Pinion Ridge Fruitland area.

The suspect was Ernest Ivan Winder. Ernest had been seen by multiple witnesses and on video trespassing on his ex-girlfriend's property and removing headstones and other items.

When Deputy Hunter arrived in the area, he made contact with one of the wittiness, and he was able to show the Deputy the address of where Ernest was living.

Hunter responded to the residence and contacted a 47-year-old female named Lisa Summer Day. The Deputy asked her if Ernest was living at the property or if she knew of Ernest and where he might be located. Summer denied knowing Ernest.

After searching the area with Deputy Nichols, they gathered more information from the neighbors that Ernest was frequenting the original residence, where they contacted Summer.

The Deputies returned to Summer's address and asked again if she knew Ernest, this time using his full name Ernest Ivan Winder. Summer claimed to know Ernest at that time, but only by Ivan, and stated she didn't know him well.

The Deputies asked Summer if she would permit them to look around the property, and she granted them permission. Deputy Hunter Gathered Summer's information and had dispatch run a record check while Deputy Nichols looked around the property. Dispatch informed them that Summer had two active warrants out of West Jordan for retail theft. One in the amount of $15,000 and one for $689.

Deputy Hunter returned to Summer's location, and Deputy Nichols had found a headstone behind one of the trailers. The family who owned the headstone was called and taken to be verified by family members.

Summer was asked about the headstone, and she explained that she knew it was there and hadn't questioned where it came from. Deputy Hunter explained that she had two active warrants, which she knew she had. Summer had no answer when asked why she hadn't taken care of the warrants.

Summer was arrested for the warrant charges at this time. The Deputies gathered the stolen headstone and took it to the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office until it could be returned to the family.

While arriving at the jail with Summer, Deputy Hunter asked her if she had used any illegal substances that he needed to let the jail staff know. She stated that she had used Heroin a few days earlier.

Summer performed a urine test at the jail, and it was found to have Heroin and Meth in her system, and she had used Meth the day before. While doing an inventory of Summer's purse at the jail, a debit card in the name of Ernest Winder was found. Summer was asked about the debit card, and she stated that she had found it a few days ago but didn't know it belonged to Ivan.

Summer was booked into the Duchesne County Jail.

There is no inforation on Ernest Ivan Winder yet.


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