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Female Arrested For Domestic Violence After Trying To Lie To Police


Ballard—On March 23rd, 2024, Deputy Ouderkirk responded to a residence in Ballard. He found the front door was already open, and he could hear a male and a female talking loudly.

The deputy entered the home and immediately removed the female from the residence to speak with her outside. She stated that she and her husband were arguing about infidelity in their marriage. She stated that during the argument, she followed her husband around the house to continue the conversation because he kept walking away from her.

50-year-old Erika Franca Jenkins stated while in the small hallway of their home, her husband shoved her into the wall with his shoulder.

Deputy Ouderkirk Stated in the affidavit that Erika’s “Description of the encounter didn’t align with her physical depiction of the encounter as I had her walk me through the residence describing what occurred in each place of the home.”

Erika said that he then sat down in the kitchen, where he made a very rude comment, but she wouldn't specify what he said. She then stated that she grabbed him by the shirt and told him to never make a comment like that again. Erika acknowledged that she did tear his shirt due to her long fingernails.

The deputy then spoke with the male, who recounted similar events. He stated that Erika was arguing with him while he was sitting at the kitchen table, putting on his socks, when she suddenly became enraged.

The male said that he made no such comment toward her. He stated Erika grabbed him by the shirt and scratched his left shoulder. The man's shoulder was photographed, and it was noted that some slight redness was present.

The male called 911, grabbed his shoes, and walked away from Erika. He told the deputy while in the small hallway, Erika dropped her head and intentionally shoved him with her shoulder.

Deputy Ouderkirk stated, "Based on both accounts of events, it appeared to me that the female party was the primary aggressor by continuing to follow the male party and proceed to commit an assault by grabbing his shirt and scratching him while also producing a tear in the shirt."

Erika Jenkins was arrested for domestic violence/assault.


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